Bones – Come on, Everybody do the Twister

Bones - Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth sit together in a storm shelter

TV Review

Bones - Season 7, Episode 5: "The Twist in Twister."

A storm chaser’s body (what was left of him) found scattered at a campsite. The scarring of the bones indicated the victim’s body sucked up into a tornado then tossed out. But he wasn't alive when the deadly twister ate him. Ah, ha! Now that perked Brennan’s interest.

The show however felt like a family series. Booth over protective to Brennan. She’s so pregnant she can’t get up off the ground on her own.

Angela and Hodgins sleep deprived because of their son. Angela didn’t want her dad to over stimulate her son during his visit. It’s the Jeffersonian people, not baby day care. Anyhoo...

Here’s an interesting fact about tornadoes, twisters, winds of Hell, whatever you wish to call them. Approximately 99% tornadoes in the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise.

Of course, this tornado was in that 1% category that rotated clockwise. Why was this important? Projected the trajectory of where the whirling monster dumped the victim.

The victim Barley owed his brother Kevin a lot of money for storm chasing equipment. However how can Kevin collect if no one was chasing storms? Toni, another storm chaser was in competition for television contract with victim.

She didn’t do it. Toni actually had a team of storm chasers with her. Barely could only afford a driver (who used the storm chasing van to get laid).

Booth and Sweets went to question the storm chasers. Booth lied to Brennan about his whereabouts so she wouldn’t get into a potentially dangerous situation. Like when a tornado dropped down during Booth’s investigation. Twister was humongous! (Don’t you just love CGI?)

Yes, Brennan appeared at the last second. Yes, Booth yanked her into the storm shelter. Yes, they talked things out. Yadda, yadda, yadda, now get back to solving dead bones, Bones.

One clue led to the killer -- a heavy-duty rainbow painted water bottle. It matched the blunt force trauma blow on the victim’s head. Bottle fragments found in victim’s storm chasing van. Remember who used the van for sex? No, it wasn’t him. Wes, a cameraman who filmed tornadoes had a girl friend who had a fling with the slutty van driver.

Wes found her rainbow water bottle in the van. Thought the victim Barley hand a fling with his girl friend so he killed him. Wrong guy at the wrong time at the wrong place, poor sap.

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