Chuck G.
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I am a freelance writer and blogger. I am a also a screenwriter, short film script writer and producer. I love the entertainment industry. I have written three full-feature screenplays and several short films produced in the US and one in Tokyo.

Writer / Content Development / Social Media Manager

Key Skills

· Content Development              · Website Builder                       · Basic SEO    
· Social Media Manager             · Link-Bait Specialist                 · Interviewer
· Basic Photoshop                      · Entertainment News                · Demo Video Writer


  • Social Media developer for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Community Forums
  • Over 300 Top 10 List & How-To articles
  • Over 170,500 Views on 1 article
  • Over 1000 Unique hits on 4 articles in a single day
  • Over 2500 Unique hits on 1 article in a single day
  • Script writer for 4 explanatory videos
  • Reality TV celebrity interviewer

Work History

iBid4Storage - Content Developer, Social Media Manager and Celebrity Interviewer
OnlineStorage Auctions – Social Media Manager, Editor, Content Developer, Amazon Store Creator, Celebrity Interviews, TV recaps, How-To articles
AuctionsTx ­– Social Media Manager, How-To Articles, News,
Sean Duran Studios – Explainer Video Script Writer, Tech Article
Eeden Labs – Head Writer
Zaffit – Head Writer, Entertainment News, TV Recaps, Music News, TV Pilot Reviews
Yahoo Movies & Sports – Screenwriting, Sports
Savings – Link-Bait Articles, Shopping and Gadget Reviews
Offers – Copywriter
Dealathons – Travel, Spa, Shopping, Oddities, Top 10 lists
Free Price Alerts – Shopping
Made Manual – Sports, Health, Travel, Shopping, How-To, Top 10 Lists, Music, Gadget Reviews
Screenjunkies – Movies, Music
!klaT – Entertainment, Celebrities, Food & Beverage
Mahalo – Entertainment, Travel


High School Graduate, Cum Laude, Scholastic Achievement Award and National Honor Society

Writer’s Bootcamp Alumnus – Top of Class

Write and produce short films, sports, social networking, movies, and television junkie.


Key Skills

· Feature-length Screenwriter                · Short Film Screenwriter & Producer   
· Script Doctor/Coverage                       · Short Film Animation Writer
· Rewrite Scenes & Dialogue                · Write Custom-Made Short Films for Directors        

· First script Keys of Caesar made the quarterfinals of the Austin Film Festival
· Second script Left Field made the quarterfinals of the Austin Film Festival
· Third script To Catch a Thief won "Best Pitch" at Pitch Fest held at Sony Studios
· Short film Monsters Beware won director $600 lens at online festival
· Short film Classified Intelligence became part of American Radio Broadcast History


Keys of Caesar -- supernatural/action
Left Field -- family
To Catch a Thief -- crime/action

Produced Short Films

Black Angel -- thriller
My Tokyo Angel -- drama, foreign language short -- Japanese
Agent Raven -- spy/action
Silence is Golden -- drama
Classified Intelligence -- suspense period piece

Short Film Scripts

· Cubed -- suspense                               · Johnny Angel – supernatural drama
· Cutter & Arnie -- crime/action          · My Beethoven – supernatural drama
· My Partner, Baby -- crime/action      · My Airplane, Your Airplane – animation

Special Projects

I wrote a Pilot webisode for an online Art Magazine.
Script doctored a series of comedy skits MT Chronicles into spec screenplay format.
I wrote Annie Meet Buck short film for producer to enter into film festivals.