Syfy Dream Machines - Rapper 50 Cent's Jet Car

Dream Machines - Rapper 50 Cent's Jet Car

Pilot Review

If you can dream it, they can build it!

New reality series from the Syfy Channel's two-part pilot introduced the Parker Brothers Concepts. Unlike most reality series involving motorcycles or automobiles this is not a rebuild or an overhaul.

Parker Brother Concepts will build your dream machine from the ground up. One-of-a-kind. The company owned by a pair of brothers. Shanon Parker is chief designer and fabricator. Marc Parker is the engineer and fabrication specialist.

Shanon scribbles.
Marc builds.

Parker Brothers Concepts commissioned by rapper 50 Cent to build his Dream Machine.  He wanted a mix of a Formula 1 racing car, fighter jet, and alien spaceship.

Shanon began the design and redesign to incorporate all three ideas. Marc in a tizzy to make the vehicle functional. Boy can those two brothers argue.

It’s not going to take weeks but months to build something like this. The first two episodes we see the skeleton take place. I mean they actually built this Dream Machine from scratch.

The entire crew including the two brothers bunch of pranksters. Like little kids they run around, play around, and waste time. It’s probably their way to let off stress. Does that make for good reality TV. So-so. What did they build in the end?  

Jet Car!

It looked amazing. The car is street legal, too. However remember this car is a one-of-a-kind. It’s not proven on the road. How comfortable is it to ride? Unsure.

The seats did not look comfortable at all. Two people can fit in this very tight car. The steering wheel designed like a jet's steering wheel. Not sure how easy that is to maneuver on the road. Panels digital to simulate a jet which looked cool.

Not sure how the shocks come into play on this car. Tires are HUGE prototypes. Not sure how that comes into play either. I guess we’ll have to ask 50 Cent those questions.

Parker Brother Concepts goal to become THE place for Hollywood dream cars or motorcycles. With 50 Cent as their first happy celebrity client they are well on their way.

Syfy original series Dream Machines airs Tuesday nights 10/9c.

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