Hart of Dixie – Daddy Issues

Hart of Dixie - Dr. Ethan Hart embraces his daughter Zoe

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Hart of Dixie Season 1, Episode 17: “Heart to Hart.”

Eight months. That’s how long Zoe’s dad stopped speaking to her. She practiced her “indifferent face.” Her “whateva” face. And her “doesn’t bother me” face.

Her father arrived at the hospital. George’s dad needed the best surgeon. So here came the king of surgery, Zoe’s dad. Driven in a black town car. Strolled out with that self-important strut that doctors carry.

Zoe’s face fell. So much for her indifference because she became daddy’s little girl the moment she saw him. They were cordial. And he demanded she be on the surgical staff.

The surgery was a success. The relationship between Zoe and her father however a mess. Now that he knows he’s not her biological father he had suggestions. Very stupid suggestions.

‘Let’s be friends.’

He had been her father all her life and now he wants to be friends? Colleagues? Get along as professionals? Zoe contemplated that a relationship is better than no relationship with her father.

Zoe had every intention of having a blowout with him and it finally came. When Zoe’s father saw that George and she had chemistry, well, like any father he became overprotective. It’s built-in. After the surgery both Zoe and her father were invited to George’s house for dinner.

Bad idea.

Lemon and Zoe in the same room always a bad idea. While Lemon tried to play nice Zoe confronted her.

“I know that you know that I know.”

Meaning she knew of Lemon’s secret love affair with Lavon. Zoe made it clear she wasn’t about to break George’s heart.

But before dinner could start Zoe did let her non-biological father have it. She was angry. Her father wasn't there for her. Disregarded for something she had no control over. She walked out.

But Zoe’s dad did the right thing. The hard thing. He expressed his feelings.
How angry he was when he found out the big secret that Zoe was not his biological daughter.

How he was angry at Zoe’s mother. Angry at Zoe. And he apologized. He asked if she could still be his daughter. She said,

'I never stopped being your daughter.'

Did Lemon tell George? No way. But a drunken Lavon kissed her outside the bar. George caught a glimpse of it. The cat's out of the bag now.

Zoe’s daddy issues resolved.

Lemon’s relationships issues about to blow up in her face.

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