Beyoncé and her baby Blue Ivy

Beyoncé holds her newborn baby Blue Ivy


Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z offered a few cool million for exclusives photos of their newborn baby girl from a print magazine. Did they take the money and run?


As one of the richest couples in all of Hollywood set up a Tumblr blog titled, “Hello Blue Ivy Carter.” They posted five cute pictures of their newborn free for the public to view.

In an interview with US Weekly Beyoncé called her baby ‘a princess’ and added:

She’s definitely very alert, you can see from the photos, you feel like she’s been here before…she’s always in a loving environment, and you can see that she’s born into greatness. I think that’s what those photos really say. She’s a good baby!”

In one of the five photos Beyoncé holds her daughter in her arms. In another photo papa Jay Z holds his daughter on his chest as he sits in a chair. Also on the website photo of Blue Ivy as she sleeps and one when she is wide awake.

The last photo a tender close up shot of Blue Ivy’s tiny hand on top of  Beyoncé’s hand – aw.

On the Tumblr website you'll see a handwritten note to the public:

We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful times in our lives.” – The Carter Family

Blue Ivy’s photos taken when she was a month old.

Does she look like Beyoncé or Jay Z?

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