Once Upon A Time – The "UGH" Episode

Once Upon a Time - Car wrecked near the "Leaving Storybrooke" sign

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Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 13: “What Happened to Frederick.”

Episode in a word – UGH! Let’s take a trip to fairytale land.

Abigail set to marry Prince Charming to unite the two kingdoms together. Prince Charming loves Snow White. Abigail loves Frederick.

Who’s Frederick?

Just some knight turned into gold that saved the life of King Midas (the curse of Midas is that anything Midas touches turns to gold).

What Abigail needed was magic water from a lake to resurrect Frederick. Many have tried but lost their lives. Prince Charming said he was fearless and brave. He would retrieve the magical water.


Charming went to the lake. He filled his drinking pouch with water.

Double ugh!

He could have just LEFT. He had the water so why did he stay. Oh yeah, back to the fearless warrior crap. Snow White didn’t love him (she took potion to forget). UGH! Charming had nothing to lose.

A beautiful woman arose from the center of the lake. She took on the image of Snow White. UGH! That was enough to fool Prince Charming to kiss her. UGH! He dropped his sword. She pulled him down into the bottom of the lake. Seaweed vine curled onto his leg. He’s trapped about to drown.


Woman kissed him at the bottom of the lake. Charming saw a knife at the bottom of the lake. Grabbed it.  Stabbed her. Cut himself loose from the vine. Swam back to Abigail. She poured the magical water over the golden knight. Frederick’s alive again.

That whole fairytale storyline in a word – UGH!

In Storybrooke something a bit more interesting happened. The mysterious writer whose name we learned was August had Henry’s book. August did something unusual to the pages.

He put them in some sort of chemical like what is used to develop photographs. He then hung the pages to dry on the string just like photographs.

August used needle and thread to bind the pages back to the book. What did he do to those pages exactly? He made sure Emma found the book near her car. She returned the book to Henry.

Kathryn (Abigail in fairytale land) decided to leave her husband because he was in love with Mary Margaret. She was headed to Boston to attend law school.  

No one can leave Storybrooke.

Her car made it to the sign “Leaving Storybrooke.” The airbag popped opened. Where was she? Frederick (don’t know his real life name) was on his way out of town as well. Why? Following his true love and didn’t know it.

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