The Middle – Quit Nagging Me!

The Middle - Parents sit on sofa as Axl (Charlie McDermott), Brick (Atticus Shaffer) and Sue ( Eden Sher) show notes make in black marker by their mom (Patricia Heaton) on their bodies

TV Review

The Middle - Season 3, Episode 17: “The Sit Down.”

Nag, nag, nag, nag, n-a-g!

The kids don’t do as they’re told. Frankie wrote marker notes on her kid’s body parts to remind them of their responsibilities. (Would you trust those kids?)
Main issues were:
  • Axl needs to read his book and write a book report
  • Brick needs to return coffee maker lent by Frankie from her workplace
  • Sue needs to not lose her winter coat
Parents plopped on their bed in exhaustion. What to do, what to do…

Frankie and Mike summoned kids into the living room. Kids asked for a “sit down.” Mind you, the parents were contemplating the same thing. Kids beat them to it.

The argument was clear; let the kids show they are responsible by leaving them alone. (Sort of had disaster written all over it, don’t  ya think.) The parents agreed, albeit reluctantly.

No nagging of any kind. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

That’s like telling Axl he couldn’t eat. Or Sue not to giddy-scream. Or Brick not to read books. However, Frankie and Mike agreed. They did after all want the kids to become responsible (cough, cough).

How did it play out?

Brick finally brought back the coffee maker. Axl put a dish in the sink (instead of on the floor in his bedroom). Sue practiced with the Wrestlerettes in the living room. The kids appeared responsible which gave Frankie and Mike a chance to go bowling.

At the bowling alley they were happy. Frankie and Mike drank beer, bowled, had fun. Absolutely no trace of nag-fest. It was as if they didn’t have kids!

Back at home with Axl, Sue and Brick things did not go as smoothly. Sue lost her coat, AGAIN! That would nullify the deal with parents. Kids got in the car to hunt down the coat. It wasn’t at her locker at the school.

It wasn’t at her of weird friend’s house. Axl had Brick read “Of Mice and Men” while they were driving about (not a book suitable for young children). Brick read the part where Lenny snapped the neck of a mouse. Then the rabbit. Then a person.


The kids finally returned home. Sue found her coat on the floor of Axl’s unkept room. Shouting match began. Axl threw clothes at Sue. Moths flew up from the pile of crap. One moth found its way into Brick’s ear.

Emergency phone call to parents.

Deal off. Happiness gone. Nagginess returned. At the hospital they took the moth and a monopoly piece out of Brick’s ear (seriously, Brick). Nag fest exploded.

Doctor had the entire family “sit down” on the sofa for a talk. No one listened. They thanked the doctor and then filed out the door. Guess what was left behind at the hospital.

Sue’s coat.

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