The Big Bang Theory – Roommate Agreement Annulled

The Big Bang Theory - Leonard holds a big light saber, Sheldon holds a small glow stick

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The Big Bang Theory - Season 5, Episode 15: “The Friendship Contraction.”

Why, oh why would anyone agree to roommate agreement?

Especially in a binding agreement with Sheldon. Brilliant scientist however antisocial with zip, zilch, zero cultural skills. Leonard fell into the trap just the same. He needed a place to stay at the time.

The emergency preparedness drill occurred quarterly according to the roommate agreement. This prepared Sheldon and Leonard for any natural disaster or nuclear fallout or the world coming to an end. (Seriously?)

Leonard had gone along with the crazy that is Sheldon but this was the breaking point. Up in the middle of the night. Wear hazard vest and hardhat helmets. That's it!

Under Clause 209 in the roommate agreement (omg), once agreed upon removed friendship between roommates (if only such a clause existed between friends).

This also reduced the relationship to the bare essentials.


A simple salutation. A nod. This would void Leonard of any obligation to run any errands for Sheldon. Leonard smiled. He was free! But that left Sheldon without anyone to help run his errands. He doesn’t drive a car. He had to take the bus. He was not a happy camper.

During dinner one night Sheldon asked the group if anyone would volunteer to take him to the dentist. Silence. Another requested errand drive, the group again remained silent. Even Amy would not agree to be Sheldon’s Driving Miss Daisy.

Then it happened. The electricity went out in the apartment building. Penny entered Leonard’s apartment to make sure it wasn’t because her electricity had been turned off (she hadn’t paid the bill). It was actually a ploy of Sheldon to show his prowess in emergency situations.

Sheldon was willing to reinstate the “mutual benefits” of the roommate agreement. Sheldon had glow sticks. Leonard walked into the closet and grabbed his light saber.

Yes, size does matter!

Sheldon’s emergency preparedness deflated. Leonard and Penny walked over to her apartment. She was a little upset that Sheldon looked so sad and lonely. Leonard in fact was his best friend. Penny convinced Leonard to talk to Sheldon and work things out.

Leonard went back to his apartment and asked Sheldon if they could go back to the way things were without the agreement. That he just wanted to be appreciated. Sheldon proposed “Leonard’s Day.” A special day just for Leonard.

However, in Sheldon's mind that meant a card and nothing more. It was enough for Leonard. Building manager informed Penny that someone had pulled a switch that knocked out power.

Sheldon missed Leonard. Leonard missed Sheldon. Pulling a switch wasn’t such a bad idea.

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