Glee – OMG! What happened to Quinn?

Glee - Quinn texts on cell phone while she drives, truck about to hit her car

TV Review

Glee - Season 9, Episode 15: “On My Way.”

On My Way

Finn and Rachel agreed to elope after regionals. Un-be-live-able! Coach Sylvester is pregnant. Un-be-live-able! Karofsky attempted suicide. Un-be-live-able! And Quinn in a car accident that could

Sebastian from the Warblers attempted to blackmail Rachel. He won’t post fake pictures of a naked Finn in high heels if she doesn’t perform at regionals.

Rachel told Finn she would perform because her N.Y.A.D.A. application depended on a win at regionals. Did it finally get through that thick head of Finn that ambition comes before love for Rachel?

Karofsky hid his gayness. But his new school classmates found out. Karosfky went through the same harassment Kurt suffered. (Karma.) Unlike Kurt, he didn’t have the stomach for it. Inter-cuts as Blaine belted “Cough Syrup” with Karosfky quietly prepping to hang himself.

Karofsky didn’t succeed. His father found him in time. Sebastian backed off from his blackmail to Rachel after what happened to Karofsky. He too was guilty of degrading Karofsky.

At regionals...

Warblers performed “Stand” and “Glad You Came.” Blaine was a much better front man than Sebastian.

New dimensions (Glee club) performed mash up of “Fly” and “I Believe I Can Fly.” (That was cool actually.) Of course, Rachel’s voice was phenomenal. Next song was “What Doesn’t Kill You” then “Here’s To Us” a semi-solo by Rachel.

New Dimensions won regionals. There just wasn’t the degree of tension to believe they wouldn’t win. So, eh.
  • New Dimensions on their way to another title
  • Sue on her way to motherhood (wrong on so many levels)
  • Rachel and Finn on their way to marriage (wrong on several levels)
Then there's Quinn...

She had been through a lot in a short time. An unwanted teenage pregnancy. Gave up her baby for adoption. Deceptions. Lost her place as head Cheerio. She turned bad girl.

But then Quinn found faith. From bitch to a promising new life with an acceptance at Yale. Coach allowed her back on the Cheerios. She wore her uniform one last time. She was on her way to happiness.

After regionals, Quinn went to get her bridesmaid dress. The wedding about to start. She received two texts for Rachel. As Quinn texted, “On my way” then a truck approached f-a-s-t on the driver’s side.


Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…

What happened to Quinn?
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