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Castle - Season 4, Episode 11: “Till Death Do Us Part.”

A male’s naked body tossed out the window falls onto a fresh fruit cart. Fruit didn’t make it. Neither did the man. However, he died of poison not the fall.

Deadly game of sex-pionage. The victim was a pick-up artist tangled in corporate spy games. Episode was so convoluted it was hard to keep up.

Let me get to the subplots:
  • Ryan fasted for his upcoming nuptials with Jenny
  • Esposito upset Lanie had a plus-1 for the wedding
  • Esposito brought his cousin to the wedding
  • Castle’s mother and daughter on shopping spree for expensive gowns
Okay, that pretty much covers it. Beckett had anyone who’d slept with the victim brought in for questioning. When she entered the room there were at least a dozen gorgeous women. Victim was not a good-looking Casanova.  So how did he do it?

Okay, before I get to that, I have to explain how the victim got rid of a stalker. One woman was really into him. He was not into her. Victim Michael Bailey and his two buddies staged a ex-stalk-tion.

Michael walked with woman at night. Car pulled up. His two buddies in ski masks grabbed Michael. Pulled him inside the car and sped off. A page out of the “dumbest criminals” book. Back to how the victim corralled all those women into bed with him.

His two buddies were brought in for questioning. Both in separate rooms. They shared their collective dream-team guide in “How to become a successful Pick-up Artist.”

Authorizing: Behave as though the last thing on your mind is to hook up. Tell her you find her interesting. That you only want to talk to her.

M-Swig: Tell her that you have a friend who is dating. That you know his girlfriend is cheating on your friend. Ask for advice. Women love to give advice about relationships.

Butter job: Flirt with the friend’s woman. Nothing gets a woman more interested in you when you ignore her and show an interest in her friends.

Yank-and-Chain Reversal: You have her hooked, now reel her in. Forget about the friend and focus on the woman you want to pick up.

Ultimatum: Tell woman you have to leave now. This will cause the woman to make a quick decision to stay or go with you.

I found this most amusing and alarming. I think some of these techniques might actually work.

The killer who poisoned the victim was an investor. Same company the victim worked for but seriously, the murder was a sidebar compared to the pick-up artist stuff.

The endearing part of the show was right before the wedding.

Jenny stood on the steps. Ryan down below with Castle, Beckett and Esposito. Beckett held Ryan’s face with her hands. Didn’t want him to see the bride before they were both at the altar.

Esposito took Ryan into the church. That left Beckett and Castle. Arm-in-arm they walked down the aisle together. Was that a foreshadowing of things to come for Beckett and Castle...

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