Hart of Dixie – The Bitter Lemon Drop

Hart of Dixie - Lemon (Jaime King) embraces George (Scott Porter) outside surrounded by Christmas decorations

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Hart of Dixie - Season 1, Episode 10: "Hairdos & Holidays."

Every girl in Blue Bell wants to be crowned the new Miss Cinnamon Cider. Or was that Miss Cinnamon Stick?

Oh, it’s cinnamon something. That pageant story was on the surface. What was really interesting was Lemon’s back story on her mom and all (that’s how they talk in Blue Bell).

You see, Lemon’s mother abandoned her family. Up and left her husband and two daughters, Lemon and Magnolia.

Yep, that’s the girl's names all right. One named after a fruit and the other after a shrub. Lemon was older so when “mama” left, it hurt her deeply.

Lemon became the caretaker of the house. Dad went to work. Lemon cooked, took care of sissy, took care of practically everything. It’s not surprising underneath Lemon’s positive attitude smile lies a tightly wound Barbie doll. She’s had to play mom, because “mama” was gone.

Why did Lemon's mother leave? To become a big time actress. A year ago Lemon saw a photo of her mother in a newspaper and knows where she lives. How far did Lemon’s mother travel to follow her dreams. Oh, far, far away... about 30-minutes outside of Blue Bell.


After some sage counsel from Lavon, Lemon knew she had to go see her absentee mother. Drove out by herself without telling her fiancée George (who you would think should know about this to be there to support her). Lemon found her mama all right. But she found more than that. Mama went out got herself another husband and had a child!

Slap the dog and spit in the fire!

Geez, Louise. That broken heart look on Lemon’s face. I had to feel for her just this once. Oh, Lemon’s a conniving, manipulative, friend of a fiend. But, in that one moment I got her. I understood Lemon.

Lemon didn’t tell George. Lavon decided he couldn’t keep up the charade of supporting Lemon without having her back in his life. Where did that leave Lemon?

Alone with a sadness she could smile away.
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