Rizzoli & Isles – Season Finale a Burning Mess

Rizzoli & Isles - Maura walks with her mother Constance

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Rizzoli & Isles - Season 2, Episode 15: "Burning Down the House."

Death by fire. Awful way to go. Sort of like this season finale -- a burning mess.

Maura and her mother went out to dinner. Her mother Constance came to the realization she wasted a lot of quality time she could have had with her daughter. It was a tender moment. Then...


Black 70s canoe-of-a-car varooms toward them. Mother pushes Maura out of the way. Up on the hood mother flipped, crashed the windshield, fell off the hood onto the street. Maura faced down between two parked cars. Black car disappeared. Isles cried out to her mother.

Jane had a date with former lover F.B.I. Agent Dean (not as cute as current solider boyfriend). Got the call about the accident and met Isles at hospital. Touch and go for Constance. Isles told Rizzoli, ‘Go do what you do best.’

Investigate. Found the black car. Discovered Maura was the target. Burning building was not an accident. A  firefighter murdered another firefighter in a fire he started. Started a few other fires that year to let officials know the city needed firefighters. (Twisted psychology, I know. We’ll get to the ending in a bit.)

Isles stayed at the hospital with mother who may live or may die. Where’s Rizzoli? In bed with F.B.I. special agent Dean. Uh, seriously? Rizzoli’s BFF’s mother could die and Rizzoli danced between the sheets?

Not only did Jane leave Maura at the hospital alone, she also told Agent Dean that Maura’s biological dad was in town. You remember Maura's dad. The Irish mobster guy. One of the most wanted by the F.B.I.  
‘I need to tell you something as Gabriel and not as Agent Dean.’ - Rizzoli

I wanted to slap Rizzoli with a spatula!

Maura used herself as bait. Firefighter confronted her at burnt building. Who else showed up? Rizzoli and Frost. Mobster dad. AND, da-da-dum-dum -- Agent Dean (you knew he’d be there).

Of course, dad was there to protect Maura. Of course, he shot the firefighter. Of course, Agent Dean shot Maura's dad. Of course, Rizzoli then had to shoot Maura’s father. Maura hovered over her father. Jane took off her jacket to help stop the bleeding.

‘Get away!’

Seriously, Rizzoli, what did you expect? You left Maura alone at the hospital. You betrayed her by telling agent Dean Maura's mobster dad was in town. You shot her dad. I'd slap you away with a spatula.

Is there anyway to erase a season finale? This was a burning mess of a show. Dad said to Maura, ‘Hope.’ If you haven’t guessed it, probably the name of her birth mother.

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