Bent - Broken beyond Repair

Bent - Amanda Peet and four cast members behind a huge hole in wall

Pilot Review

NBC’s new comedy Bent starring Amanda Peet pilot aired last night. Critics from the Huffington Post and The LA Times gave the show positive reviews.

Did we watch the same pilot?!

NBC will broadcast six episodes in all, two at a time for the next three weeks. From there the executives will decide whether to place Bent in its network’s lineup.

I found the show:
  • Utterly dull
  • Utterly uninteresting
  • Utterly contrived
  • Utterly unfunny

No laugh track, which was a plus. Way too many characters, which was a minus. Story premise about a lawyer Alex Meyers (Amanda Peet) whose husband went to prison for insider trading. No mention of divorce either way, she must raise her daughter Charlie (Joey King) on her own.

Do you see any originality?

Alex the-single-mom-lawyer decided to remodel her kitchen. Why? Like she didn't have enough on her plate. Alex hired a very cheap construction guy, Pete Riggins (David Walton). He needed a second chance in life.

Does this sound original?

Of course, Pete and Alex danced around a little romance game: “You know you like me. You know I don’t like you.” They’re from two different worlds. She’s white collar. He’s blue collar.

Does this sound original?

Critics did not like Missing which I found a most adventurous pilot.
Here's what the critics might have enjoyed in this pilot:
  • Slutty nanny
  • Horny construction worker
  • Uptight female lawyer who hasn’t had sex
  • Female best friend who humps and drinks as much as the construction worker

I gave it a grade “F.” No, wait, there’s a grade lower than an “F.”


Update: NBC cancelled Bent after six episodes.

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