New Girl – Turn on the Christmas Lights

New Girl - CeCe (Hannah Simone), Winston (Lamorne Morris), Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Nick (Jake M. Johnson), and Schmidth (Max Greenfield) stand on street in front of house lit with Christmas lights

TV Review

New Girl - Season 1, Episode 9: "The 23rd."

Oh no, not the “L” word! Why did Paul ruin things for Jess? She’s recovering from a bad relationship. Paul such a sweet guy. He surprised her with plane tickets to Vienna for Christmas. Jess gift to him was an anatomically correct fuzzy heart. Huh?

Jess’s odd present personified her odd personality. 'I love it,' Paul said. He meant it too. They hugged then he said, 'I love you.' A-w-k-w-a-r-d! Jess sheepishly answered, 'Thank you.' Ugh, the kiss of relationship death.

The gang all invited to Schmidt’s office party. He played the part of Santa. Uh, dirty-sexy Santa. Semi naked dressed in boxer shorts, a Santa’s hat, and a funky Santa tie. Women sat on his lap and... (use your imagination).

Jess however not in a festive mood.

She and CeCe hid in the women's bathroom. Jess does not want to break up with Paul but he’s moving too fast. She knew she had to let him go and of all times at Christmas, ugh!

Nick talked to Paul out on the balcony. Nick told him the secret about Jess wanting to break up with Paul. Smooth, Nick, real smooth. Jess finally got out of the bathroom and went to talk to Paul.

Nick tried to leave. Too late. Door locked behind Jess. The couple sat down and talked things through. Nick stuck in the balcony and it was torture.


In the bathroom CeCe sprayed on the perfume that Schmidt had made especially for her. Took a sniff then doubled over coughed and gagged. It was THAT bad!

Jobless Winston helped Schmidt’s boss look for her anti-social kid. Found him hiding inside an igloo. Mother offered Winston a job babysitting. Said, "I'll pay you a lot of money. Lots and lots of money." Looked like Winston picked up a new job.

Back to Jess…

Jess and Paul talked, really talked. Nick going out of his mind trapped as he listened to this intimate discussion. Jess and Paul ended it amicably. Paul wanted more. Jess wasn’t ready for more.

Gang pretty quiet in the car on the drive home. Nick saw how despondent Jess was and turned the car around at the protest of everyone. He would miss his plane again and not see his family. But he needed to do something (sweet guy).

He took Jess to her favorite street where houses decked full of Christmas lights. They arrived so late that night all the lights were turned off. That dampened things more for Jess. Nick then knocked on a door and yelled,

“Turn the lights on.”

That caught on. The gang all chanted, "Turn on the lights!" Even Jess got in the mood. Then, one by one, each house turned on their Christmas lights.

The gang group hugged one another. It was a winter wonderland display of good old fashion Christmas spirit.

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