How I Met Your Mother – I’m Pregnant!

How I Met Your Mother - Ted and Robin embrace in living decorated with Christmas lights

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How I Met Your Mother - Season 7, Episode 12: "Symphony of Illumination."

Robin told Barney she’s pregnant with his baby. He’s elated. Barney wants to be a dad. Robin punched him. Knocked him out cold. When he awakened he said something happy. The lights go out again.

Finally Barney asked her, 'Are you sure its mine?' Robin and her new boyfriend had not jingle-jangle in bed. Barney was the only candidate.

Robin’s voice over replaced Ted’s on this episode. Her future kids sat on the sofa. Robin told them what happened next.

Marshall decided to go to their newly inherited house outside New York City. He’s full of the Christmas light "show down" with the neighbors. However once on the roof he’s conned by a local teenager who took away the ladder.

Teenager hosted a party at the house. Marshall peered through the skylight and screamed. The writers of the show must have had an off day. Boring, dumb, dull, and ho, ho, ho, uh no.

Robin isn’t, won’t ever be the motherly type. It definitely showed on her face though she didn’t tell her friends about the news. Ted made it his mission to cheer her up. That’s so incredibility annoying (you thought I was going to say sweet).

Robin’s voice over explained the personality of each of her friends to her future kids. Midway through the show I though, “Robin’s really going to have Barney’s baby.” Then I wanted to throw up in my mouth.

Robin revisited the gynecologist for a follow-up. Bad news, good news, it depends. Robin was told she can’t have kids. It’s what Robin wanted but not without a choice. Robin told her future kids they don’t exist just only in her imagination. They fade away.

Robin back to the apartment she shares with Ted. He decided to spend Christmas with her. He rigged the apartment full of Christmas decorations. Then with a flip of a switch apartment full of Christmas lights. Robin fell into Ted’s arms and cried.

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