The Amazing Race – Ernie & Cindy win $1 Million

Amazing Race Ernie and Cindy cross the finish line to win $1 million

TV Review

The Amazing Race - Season 19, Episode 12: “Go Out and Get it Done.”

Engaged couple Ernie and Cindy. He’s self-deprecating and she’s an over achiever.

Married couple Marcus and Armani. A professional football player and his wife. Dating couple Jeremy and Sandy struggled to get this far.

Off to the southern state of Georgia to finish the race.

First challenge was to land a high-tech Learjet flight simulator from 2,500 feet. Once the couples landed the plane correctly they would get their next clue.

Why were all the men pilots and all the women copilots? Never mind. Marcus uber pro athlete did not have the finesse to land the plane or to stay on the tarmac. Offsides! Penalty, 10 yards.

Ernie and Cindy did well first try. However Cindy as copilot forgot to keep the plane speed at 135 knots while landing. Do over.  Second try they were outta there. Jeremy and Sandy hit perfection first try.  Got their next clue and out the door.

Second task find a residential house called “The Dump.”  Jeremy and Sandy asked a stranger who told them it was a furniture store.

This gave Ernie and Cindy a huge advantage as they arrived at the correct location.  The next task was type out their next clue on an old fashion typewriter.  Catch?  They had to figure out to use the small case “L” key for the number “1″ key.

Ernie did the task. Done. After wasting a lot of time at the furniture store Jeremy and Sandy finally asked for intelligent directions.  Once they arrived at the house Jeremy typed the next clue. Done.

Where’s Marcus and Armani?

With second task completed both teams arrived separately at Turner Field. Task to pinpoint each country they’ve traveled on a world map billboard. Both teams got it right. Now it’s a race to the pit stop at Swan Gate.

Where’s Marcus and Armani?

With the advantage of making the fewest mistakes Ernie and Cindy arrived at the pit stop first. Cindy looked around and realized they were the first team to arrive. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"  You couldn’t help but feel happy for them.

The irony they won the first leg of the race and now they won the last leg of the race. Four continents, twenty cities and 40,000 miles Ernie and Cindy take home the $1 million prize.

Watch the new season of The Amazing Race Sundays on CBS.

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