The Mentalist – Patrick Jane loses His Mind

The Mentalist - Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) lies in hospital bed

TV Review

The Mentalist - Season 4, Episode 1: "Fugue in Red."

Patrick Jane finally lost his mind.

Let me back up... he lost his memory, not his mind.  However, for The Mentalist that means the same thing.  Happened during an investigation where a firefighter was murdered.  The C.B.I. team searched the woods for the killer.  Jane wandered off alone.

Jane didn’t find the killer.  The killer found him. Almost drowned Jane. Lisbon irate that Jane went missing. She searched for him. Lisbon found him all right. Afloat in the middle of the lake.  Tears streamed down her face as she jumped in to rescue him.  Aw, she does like him! (But we all knew that.)

The trauma of the attack left Jane with “disassociated fugue.”  A type of temporary memory loss that can last days, weeks or even years (the show ends in 60 minutes so don’t worry, he’ll get his memory back).

Jane reverted to his physic con artist carnival persona.  He hit on Van Pelt – ew.  Tried his hocus pocus tricks on Lisbon (she’s not impressed). Gave Cho the slip during a search of a crime scene. Irked Rigsby.

The C.B.I. team agreed they hated the new/old Jane. The irony Jane was finally happy. Even with brain fog he still helped solve the case.

The the last man rescued was the killer linked to a robbery of an ATM. The firefighter who saved him figured out the identity of the robber, so firefighter had to die.

Jane wanted to leave C.B.I. Lisbon however asked for one last favor. She took him to his home (he forgot where he lived).  Outside the house appeared massive. Inside the home void of furniture except for a small pink tricycle.

Lisbon walked Jane upstairs to his bedroom.  He opened the door. No bed, no furniture,  just a pauper’s mattress on the floor. On the wall above the mattress the serial killer Red John’s signature red smiley face.

Jane’s face fell.  The happiness evaporated.  The tortured memories of the death of his wife and child returned like a flood.
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