Grey’s Anatomy – Yang’s Torturous Recital of Henry's Surgery

Grey’s Anatomy - Altaman and Yang both in scrubs

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Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8, Episode 11: “This Magic Moment.”

This episode had a magic moment. Yang's part just blew me away.

Yang called by Teddy to join her in the O.R. It’s been two weeks since Henry’s death. First thought was that Yang would assist Teddy in heart surgery.

No, it wasn’t anything like that. Or anything I’ve ever seen before.

Teddy wanted Yang to recite step-by-step what happened in the O.R. with Henry’s surgery. Evidently, she had Yang recite this speech for two straight weeks since Henry’s death.

Yang without hesitation or reservation recited:

“Vitals were stable after receiving LR and packed cells...

The bronch was already placed when I entered the OR, so I proceeded with the laser endoscopy using the CO2 laser. I had good visualization of the tumor almost immediately. About 80% of the tumor had been vaporised when the bleeding began. He had clots, which were blocking my ‘scope. I passed a brush through the ‘scope to clear the field; however, Henry’s hemorrhaging was so severe... Henry’s hemorrhaging was so severe that the brush did not solve the problem. Sats dropped to 88; blood was coming out of the ET tube. At that point, Dr. Webber exercised his judgement and stepped in. We cracked his chest and tried to get to the source. Henry became bradycardic, so we pushed atropine. Then, I realized the tumor had eroded through the pulmonary artery. He flat-lined. We did ACLS protocol and got sinus brady. We pushed high-dose epi. He flat-lined again. We did more compressions. We continued in this manner until Dr. Webber and I both agreed that since he already lost more than half his blood volume, his heart could not restart. We called time of death -- 8:52 pm."

Again. Again. And again above the grade surgeon Yang repeated the speech. Each time with a little more detail.

It was gut wrenching. Difficult to watch. Difficult not to watch.

When Teddy finished her surgery back in the scrub room that magical moment happened. Teddy began to recite Yang’s speech along with her.

It finally hit Teddy. She cried. She cried with everything within a wife who had just lost her husband. Teddy accepted the fact Henry was gone and there wasn’t a single thing that could or should have been done differently in that O.R.

Excruciating. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

Teddy finally let go.
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Note: Transcription of medical terms courtesy of a generous reader in the medical profession.

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