Grey’s Anatomy - Surgeons Flee-Fight-Flu-Flunk

Grey’s Anatomy – Yang leans against adjoining hotel door with Meredith

TV Review

Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8, Episode 21: “The Moment of Truth.”

The GIANT of the surgeon’s oral exam was upon them.

Five of Seattle Grace’s residents had to fly to San Francisco to take their exam. Make it or break it time.

Meredith, Christina, Avery, Karev, and Kepner all boarded the shuttle. Owen told Kepner to say out loud, ‘I am a soldier.’ Didn’t help. Kepner was a mess.

Once they arrived at the lobby of the hotel Kepner was the first to make an enemy with another competing resident. Great, just great.

Karev’s mind was not present. He was caught up on his intern’s preemie baby. Poor little baby would need another surgery. Karev called Dr. Robbins and she told him there was nothing he could do. So what did Alex do?


Karev left the hotel and flew back to Seattle. What was he thinking? The surgery was not successful. Alex stayed with his intern until her baby died in her arms. Dr. Robbins told Karev he had three hours to haul ass to get back to San Francisco in time for his three oral exams.


Kepner and Avery had dinner together. Kepner wound up tight with anxieties. The competing resident she pissed off earlier got up all in her face. Kepner PUNCHED the stranger on the nose. Avery stood in front to protect her. Stranger punched Avery.

Kepner went all female action fighter and jumped on the guy. She actually got into a bar-brawl. Didn’t know she had it in her. Chief Webber broke it up.

Kepner and Avery went back to her room. She kissed him. Kepner wanted to be with him. Avery de-virgin-ized her.


Meredith’s little girl Zola had the stomach flu. That meant… oh, no. Oh, no! Yep, Meredith had the stomach flu. H-U-R-L in the lobby before she registered. Gross. No way would Christina let Meredith stay sick.

Yang obtained an IV bag to push the flu out of Grey’s body. They stayed in adjoining rooms. Meredith couldn’t sleep. Nor could Yang. They both leaned against the adjoining door to their rooms.

Christina finally told Meredith that Owen cheated on her. Meredith told her that she knew. Christina didn’t know if her marriage was over or not. Meredith asked Christina if she was going to leave Seattle.

‘Yes.’ - Yang
'You’re leaving me, too.’ - Meredith

A moment of silence passed between them. They are each other’s person, best friends as it were. The twisted sisters. Meredith asked Yang to put her hand under the door. Meredith placed her hand on top of  Yang's. Tear welled up and finally Christina cried.

One of the five residents who take the oral exam will not pass.

Karev – The mess up. The screw-up. Isn’t it too obvious?
Kepner – She’s highly organized but seriously rattled with anxieties.
Avery – It would be a disgrace to his family name if he failed.
Yang – The most ambitious surgeon of all. It would kill her if she failed.
Meredith – Taught to pass by the Torres Method. If she failed Dr. Torres would kill her.

One of these five did indeed...

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