Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound

Taylor Swift walks through a wooded area


Taylor Swift unveiled her “Safe and Sound” music video from the soundtrack The Hunger Games for the first time on MTV. The highly anticipated movie’s release date scheduled for March 23, 2012.

“Safe and Sound” video shot in Nashville. Taylor Swift stated

“It was cold. It was freezing. I was shaking the whole time and trying not to be shaking when the cameras were rolling. It was about 40 degrees in Nashville. It had just rained.”

Did she pull it off?


In the video she wanders barefoot through a barren wooded wasteland dressed in a white dress. Nice contrast.

Her voice tender, sweet and haunting. Special appearances from her backup vocals Joy Williams and John Paul White of the Civil Wars.

Expect to hear a rich vocal range and new style from Swift. It’s not popcorn music, it’s grownup music.

Our youthful girl-next-door sang like a woman.

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