Castle – Get Your Handcuffs off of Me!

Castle - Richard Castle and Kate Beckett handcuffed together trapped in a basement

TV Review

Castle - Season 4, Episode 10: "Cuffed."

Castle and Beckett woke up in bed together (you knew it would eventually happen), handcuffed, (but maybe not quite like you imagined) in a dark room (now it’s creepy). Both drugged both with short-term memory loss and trapped in a basement.

My first thought, “Not again, these two trapped in a near fatal situation.” But because they didn’t know how they got there I was intrigued. No wallet, no gun, no cell phone, it’s was bleak. As they put the pieces of the puzzle together the story unfolded.

Case of the dead ghost hunter (hey, we all have to make a living somehow). Police investigation about a dead man found at an abandoned hospital. Only witness a loony homeless man.

Beckett and Castle hit a road block. That’s when Castle caught a glimpse of a bar code on a piece of envelope (evidence). Arrived at address to the house, but the rest a haze. Did they bother to tell Ryan or Eposito? Uh, no.

The crux of the story was how the detective and writer brainstormed their way out of the basement. They remembered a house. A woman trapped in a cage. Beckett asked Castle if she had any marks on her back.

Yep, a needle mark. They were both drugged (never showed where he was injected, hmm). There was a metal box with a lock in the basement with them. Castle said he could crack open the combination. Beckett had little faith, however she gave him leeway. What else was she to do? After a few hundred tries, he successfully opened the lock.

Have mercy!

Metal box full of knives, chains, sharp instruments covered blood. Who were their captures? What did they want?

Noise from the next room next caught Castle and Beckett’s attention. They took a few of the instruments to break through the panels. Human trafficking ring, so they thought. Once they cut a hole big enough, uh, it's not human trafficking. Beckett and Castled stared at a face of a hungry tiger.

Holy (bleep)!

Criminals were into exotic animal trafficking. Castle tossed beef jerky at the beast. Oh yeah, like that’s going to subside the tiger's appetite. Tigers eat 10 to 20 pounds of meat a day.

Beckett climbed onto Castle’s shoulder, or tried. They stood on the metal box, climb on top of that. Just in time. Creature was now in the same room as them.

Eposito and Ryan discovered the code on the envelope as well. Off to rescue. When Ryan and Eposito opened the ceiling door, they found Castle and Beckett both clutched to the piping. Another near-death narrow escape.

So who killed the ghost hunter? And why? Oh, who gives a wha-hoo! The story was about the ever-growing relationship between Castle and Beckett. They definitely were on a groove.

Watch Castle Mondays 10/9c on ABC.

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