Once Upon a Time – Why Evil Queen HATES Snow White

Once Upon a Time - Regina (Lana Parrilla) embraces Daniel (Noah Bean)

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Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 18: “The Stable Boy.”

The Evil Queen was once just an ordinary woman (cough, cough) who loved to ride horses. But she also loved a certain stable boy, oo-la-la.

Regina’s father Henry was super nice but her mother (with magical powers) was a piece of work. (Bad apple does not fall far from the evil tree, just saying.)

Regina and the stable boy spent time together as young lovers do. Planned on running away together to start a new life. Who perchance happened to ride pass them on a horse gone wild?

A very young Snow White.

Regina got on her steed and rescued the little girl. (Oh, bleepity bleep, Regina was not only ordinary but nice at one time.) Of course, Snow White’s father, who happened to be a King found out about the incident.

He came to thank Regina. Then he proposed to her! What twisted thank-you was that?

Regina’s mother said yes, of course. That’s when Regina planned her escape. Little Snow White saw Regina and stable boy kissing. Regina made Snow White promise not to tell.

Come on now she’s just a young girl trying to survive without her mother. Regina’s mother manipulated young Snow White. Little girl so distraught that she lost her mother she didn’t want that to happen to Regina.

Wicked-lying-snake-of-a-mother trapped Regina and her studly boyfriend inside the stables. First she told her daughter that she was proud of her. Then the evil mother plunged her hand inside the stable boy’s heart and took it out. He's d-e-a-d.

Oh, crap I now give a crap about Regina!

Regina prepared to marry the King. Little Snow White thought Regina was to marry the stable boy. It was then that Regina discovered Snow White broke her promise. She told the secret Regina’s wicked mother.

That is WHY the Evil Queen hates Snow White.

She blamed her for the death of her only true love. In a way I get it. But come on now, Snow White was just a little girl.

Back in Storybrooke land a miracle happened. Kathryn appeared out of nowhere behind the diner.


That means Mary Margaret cannot be tried for murder, but how did Kathryn come back from the dead?

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