Covert Affairs – No, You Can’t Kill My Sister

Covert Affairs - Danielle and Annie share gallon of ice cream in kitchen

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Covert Affairs - Season 2, Episode 16: "Letter Never Sent."

Even spies need a vacation.

The beginning of this past season Annie confessed to her sister Danielle that she was a spy. 'I want you to move out!' That went over well. Annie moved out rented a safe house.

The year was uh, exciting and dangerous for the covert spy. Bullets whizzed by her head. Annie was in a near fatal bomb attack. Insult to injury her face was sucker punched.

Annie drove over to Danielle’s to tell her she’s going on vacation. Her sister sat alone in tears. Why? Lying, cheating, rooting-tooting man of hers. Annie invited her sister to join her on vacation to Stockholm.

Bad idea - HUGE!

Once they arrived by chance the C.I.A. needed a teeny, tiny favor from Annie. Of course they did. Pick up a package. Drop off a package. Easy, breezy. Annie apologized and ditched Danielle, again (she’s use to it).

Annie secured the package. Went to rendezvous with the agent at a black-tie party. Whom did Annie see there? Her sister! For the past six months Danielle secretly corresponded with an old friend who happened to live in Stockholm.

That had bad written all over it. Annie’s rendezvous agent murdered by (oh who knows, some evil corrupt organization out to do something corrupt). Impostor took his place. He mistook Danielle for Annie and attempted contact. See, told you taking Danielle on vacation was a bad idea.

Annie grabbed Danielle and rushed out. There’s no protocol for this situation. Police at every curbside. Can’t take a taxi, train, bus or subway.

Annie drove to the home of Danielle’s friend. Storm prevented them from leaving that night. Who showed up by morning light? You guessed it. Gunman, killer, thug, bad spy, take your pick. How did he get there? Oh please, this storyline had so many holes, let’s just enjoy the rest of the story.

Danielle’s friend was outside on his boat. Killer made his way inside the house. For the first time Danielle witnessed Annie’s skills as a spy. Annie kept her cool. Told Danielle when to move. Kept her sister safe.

When the window of opportunity opened Annie told Danielle to run. That decoy distraction was enough for Annie to ambush the impostor. Not before he took a few shots at Danielle. Annie tackled him, secured his gun then shot him d-e-a-d. That was her first kill.

They both returned home safely. Annie and Danielle shared a gallon of ice cream. Danielle asked Annie is she would move back home. Annie said she was okay with that!

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