Once Upon a Time – Red Riding Hood IS the BIG BAD WOLF!

Once Upon a Time - Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory), black wolf

TV Review

Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 15: “Red-Handed.”

Say it ain’t so! But it’s true. Red Riding Hood IS the Big Bad Wolf. This is how it went down.

Red Riding Hood lived with Granny (just like in the children’s story). Every full moon the village plagued with wolf-season. Not a pack of wolves but a HUGE man-eating wolf.

Granny and Red Riding Hood locked down for the night. They bolted the door. Snap shut the shutters. Gated the fireplace. (It was like someone locking up for the night in New York City.)

Granny took her rocker and placed it facing the door. She then grabbed her crossbow and waited. (Whoa! Grandma was packing!)

Nothing happened that night. Red Riding Hood went to the barn next morning found Snow White stealing eggs. She didn’t introduce herself as Snow White but as Margaret, then as Mary. (Hence, Mary Margaret in Storybrooke.)

The village was set to kill the wolf.

Red Riding Hood, Granny and Snow White attended the meeting. Granny recounted the story of how the wolf killed her family. She warned the villagers not to hunt the wolf. That they should hide inside their homes. Of course, no one paid mind.

Snow White saw how Red Riding Hood exchanged endearing glances with a hunter. She could tell they were in love. Red Riding Hood said that Granny kept her locked up in the cottage to protect her from the wolf. Snow White said Granny was keeping her from love.

Red Riding Hood then had this half-baked idea that the she and Snow should hunt the wolf. (Was she insane?) Track the wolf in the daylight. Wolf only hunts at night.

Snow White reluctant. Red Riding Hood excited. (Seriously, I thought she had gone mental.) They found tracks in the snow. Dog tracks. Rabbit tracks. Then wolf tracks.
We’re talking HUGE wolf tracks.

As they followed the tracks something strange happened. Wolf tracks converted into human tracks. (Gasp!) The tracks led them back to Granny’s cottage. Snow White asked if Red Riding Hood had any visitors. Only the hunter she loved, Peter.

Oh, oh.

Red Riding Hood told Peter of their discovery. He told Red Riding Hood she must chain him before he hurts anyone else. Back at the cottage Snow White donned the
red hood as she lied in bed. Granny finally shook her and saw that it was Snow White.

That’s when we learned that the womenfolk in Red Riding Hood’s family cursed as wolves. Granny’s curse had faded. She still however had a good sense of smell and ability to track. They found the wolf. Wolf ate Peter.


Granny shot the wolf with a silver-tipped arrow. (She didn’t have a silver bullet, or a gun for that matter.) It didn’t kill or wound the wolf but stopped it. Granny quickly took the red hood and draped it over the wolf’s body. Hood contained magical properties.

She became human again thus we learn the twisted origin of Red Riding Hood.

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