Once Upon a Time – Snow White to Kill the Evil Queen

Once Upon a Time – Snow White at night dressed in black cloak

TV Review

Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 16: “Heart of Darkness.”

A bluebird flew threw a window. Snow White let the bluebird rest on her finger. She then set the blue bird on the table. Grabbed a broom.



Snow White was gonna kill a little birdy. Has she gone mad? Don’t worry cute little blue bird flew away.

Rumpelstiltskin’s potion to forget Prince Charming had a damaging side effect. By erasing love from her heart it left Snow White empty inside. Snow lost her memory and had one thought in mind.


The 7 Dwarfs were beside themselves, especially Grumpy. Snow White was the epitome of good and purity. Not anymore thanks to the Dark Lord. Grumpy took her back to Rumple to “fix” her.

With wicked giddiness Rumpel said potion could not be undone. The one potion he did not have was 'love.' Rumpelstiltskin called it the most powerful force in the world. With that potion a person could do anything.

Snow White had to experience true love again to remember Prince Charming. But she had something else in mind.


Say it ain’t so. Not Snow White! Rumpelstiltskin gave her a bow and arrow. Also a map to show the best point of attack. The 7 Dwarfs including Grumpy abandoned Snow White because she wasn’t her true self.

Prince Charming would not abandon her (aww). He went to Rumpel to get information about the plan of attack.

All Rumpelstiltskin asked of him was for his coat. Stated that his house got a little chilly (yeah, right). Prince Charming agreed to the trade.

Rumpel took a hair from Prince Charming’s coat. Placed it with a hair he got from Snow White a time back. Put two hairs in a bottle and voilà! He had the most powerful potion of all -- love potion. (See, see, no way you can trust that dude.)

Prince Charming found Snow White. Kissed her. Nope. True love’s kiss did not bring her back. She conked him a good one. He was out like a light. Snow White tied him up to tree and went to go kill the Evil Queen.

Jimmy Cricket appeared twice. Once to talk sense to Snow White at her home with the 7 Dwarfs. Second time when Prince Charming was tied to the tree.

Cricket gnawed on the rope to free the prince. He gave sage advice. Snow White can’t love again until she remembered who she was.

Evil Queen on horseback with her guards. Snow White in position. She grabbed her bow and arrow. Aimed.


Prince Charming jumped in front of the arrow’s path which hit him in the shoulder. He said to Snow White that he would risk his life for her. She was taken aback. Then she kissed him. Finally she remembered her true self.

But before the two could go live happily ever after King George’s guards took the prince away from her. Snow White yelled,  

'I will find you' (aww).

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