Charlize Theron adopts a boy!

Charlize Theron close up as she leans against a wall


Charlize Theron is officially a new mother.
  • No, she was not pregnant.
  • No, she is not married.
  • No, she’s not with her boyfriend of nine years Stewart Townsend.
She’s a single mom.
Representatives for movie star Charlize Theron made the official statement today, Wednesday, March 14.

According to a US Weekly source the Oscar-winning 36-year-old actress from South Africa adopted a baby boy. He is a healthy African-American baby. His name is Jackson.

Source states:

She has always wanted to be a mom… she is glad to be able to do it on her own now and is so happy to be a mom.”

Charlize Theron now joins the long list long list of celebrities who chose to adopt. More power to ‘em.

Will being a single mother slow down Charlize’s acting career? Don’t think so.

Her new movie Snow White and the Huntsman will be released June 1st. She plays the part of Evil Queen Ravenna. Another movie Prometheus will be released June 8th. Theron currently attached to star in Two Eyes Staring.

Charlize Theron has never been married but that didn’t stop her from starting a family.

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