Nikita – The Enemy of My Enemy is still My Enemy

Nikita - Sean (Dillon Casey) hair pulled back by Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), Nikita (Maggie Q) points gun at Sean, Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) stands in background

TV Review

Nikita - Season 2, Episode 12: “Sanctuary.”

Nikita’s goal to destroy Division. Oversight’s goal to destroy Nikita. Division’s goal to destroy Nikita. Why can’t Oversight and Division destroy Nikita together?


Locked in a glass cage he still pulls the strings. Amanda clueless to his reach of power. She can’t see beneath Percy’s snarky smile therein lies shark’s teeth ready to rip her apart.

Percy planned his escape through the Cleaner. You know the guy. The one with the half-melted face (thanks to Nikita).

Alex must adjust to her new digs with Nikita, Birkhoff and Michael (you knew he’d come back to Nikita). She tried to snatch Birkhoff’s pain meds, but only because they were the same meds her mother took. Alex told Nikita it must be nice to be numb. Nikita told her different.

Division plotted against Nikita. Oversight plotted against Division. Nikita plotted against, against… no one. Ex-Navy Seal Sean decided to go rogue. He plotted to kill Nikita on his own.

Like an expertly trained operative Navy Seal he came up on Birkhoff’s hideout via ocean. On the beach through his sniper scope, he aimed right at Nikita’s heart. He got off a shot, but it was misdirected. Alex went for a walk while Michael and Nikita sorted out their relationship. She saw Sean and did what any trained killer would do. She tackled him.

Nice Kung-Fu action between Alex and Sean. Nikita took the night off Kung-fuing. Probably still recovering from last week. It was Alex’s turn to kick ass and she did not disappoint.

Gang tied Sean to a chair. He revealed he planted a bug inside the watch that belonged to Alex’s father. That’s how he knew of their location. Birkhoff made sure Alex did not stomp her only heirloom into a million pieces. Alex punched Sean in the eye. Gave him a nice shiner. (He deserved it.)

What was interesting about this show was misdirection. The Cleaner planted a bomb on a door in Division. Members of Oversight had activated a briefcase that initiated “Clean Sweep” against Division. A gas released through the vents would annihilate everyone inside Division.

Don’t forget about Percy. 

Two armed men parachuted at night down into the woods. It was intentional for viewer to believe they were at Division’s stronghold. So wrong. They were at Oversight.

They took the members of Oversight hostage including Sean’s mother. Nikita and company heard the takeover via Sean's mother cell phone.

It was a stand off. Should Nikita and company try to save Division? Ironic isn’t it. Who is the real enemy here? Division full of trained assassins, but would it be just to allow a mass murder? Should the two-armed men kill Oversight? A group of powerful men and women responsible for the death of hundreds or thousands.

Then there’s Percy.

Never underestimate the mind of a mad man.
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