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Hart of Dixie - George and Zoe sit on bench outdoors and talk

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Hart of Dixie - Season 1, Episode 16: “Tributes & Triangles.”

MOTY! Say it with me – M-O-T-Y!

I know, I didn’t get it either. It stands for, “Man of the Year.” Of course, there’s a presentation, small party at the mayor’s home, and a gala.

Who won? Brick thought he had it in the bag. However it was his future son-in-law George Tucker who garnered the honor.

Lemon told George not to invite his father because of what happened over Thanksgiving. He agreed.

Then George ran into Zoe outside the courthouse. She told him her father didn’t want to talk to her because they didn’t share the same DNA. Zoe contemplated changing her last name. She told George to give his dad a chance. At least he still cared.

Lemon squeezed a bitter argument with George that he would listen to Zoe over her (can’t blame the girl this time).

Lavon as mayor was to give a speech on behalf of George (uncomfortable since he was still in love with Lemon). Whipped with emotion and guilt he fumbled over the speech big-time. Zoe to the rescue, told everyone Lavon had a phone call.

Zoe finished the speech for Lavon. She enumerated George’s good deeds. How George loved the town. How he listened and was a good person and good friend…

That girl did not know when to shut up. “I like You” -- she said about George in not so many words.

Oh, Zoe, Zoe, Zoe, what were you thinking? Lemon fumed by the George-Zoe-Lemon triangle. Meanwhile, Lavon decided to come clean with Lemon. Now Zoe promised she would never betray his trust. Never tell a soul about his secret with Lemon. However, Lavon told Lemon that Zoe knew about their past relationship.

That was not Lemon’s day!

A Birmingham reporter came with George’s father to cover the MOTY. But George assumed the puff piece would be about his brother who was running for office. George like Zoe didn’t want anything to do with his father.

George told his father backstage during the gala while Lemon was performing her cabaret number (I hate to say it, but Lemon has some talent). Just as George told his father he never wanted to see him again...


His father had a heart attack.

At the hospital George discovered his father had a myocardial rupture. Part of his heart died and he needed a really good surgeon. Brick had a friend who was good, but not as good as Zoe Hart’s father.

Wade overheard the conversation and told Zoe. She gritted her teeth and made the phone call to her surgeon father. Zoe arrived at the hospital and boy, Lemon not to happy to see her. Brick told Zoe George's father would be all right. Wade and Brick exchanged a nod of mutual understanding.

Zoe entered the hospital room with George and his unconscious father. George stated that a good surgeon would take care of the surgery. Zoe told him he would have the best. George understood that meant her father. He smiled at her.

George touched then held Zoe’s hand as both Lemon and Wade watched through the window.

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