Touch - Too Coincidental

Martin, Clea, and Jake

Pilot Review

Touch new series starring actor Kiefer Sutherland aired last night. The teaser pilot broadcast in January. Touch had two things going for it. One is star power provided by Kiefer. The other the creator behind the series, Tim Kring who created the series Heroes.

Expect Touch to veer toward the supernatural, mythical, and the unexplainable.Critics however gave the pilot mix reviews. Rightly so.

The entire series about a single father who struggles to keep his family together. By family I mean he and his son. Didn't divorce his wife, she died. Made storyline more tragic. His son is autistic who has unique gift to see events happening around the world in mathematical equations.

Son does not speak. Not that he's mute, he just doesn't speak. He also does not like to be touched. Son only communicates through numbers. His father must decipher a numerical code, which then starts a chain of events connecting people together.

Oh, good grief!

Haven’t we seen this before in the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage as he had to decipher the numerical coded message left behind in a time capsule.

Haven’t we seen this before in the movie Mercury Rising were an autistic child decoded a top-secret government code and was protected by a father figure played by Bruce Willis.

Haven’t we seen this before in the television series Life where a wrongly imprisoned police officer played by Damian Lewis philosophized we were all connected together?

MAJOR problem with Touch is that the events were too coincidental.

You do not feel the TENSION that there will not be a good outcome for anyone. Expect a nice little package tied together each week where every person gets what he or she needs. UGH!

I’m drowning in saccharine.

If each episode everything turn out for “good” then what is the point? Where’s the drama? The suspense? The failures and disappointments?

Touch also follows the network’s juggernaut American Idol which will help boost ratings.

For a series in which everything comes out hunky-dory, it is nothing like Heroes in which you had no clue what would happen next.

Update: Touch made the fall line up on FOX.

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