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Grey's Anatomy - Yang (Sandra Oh) walks down corridor in front of Nurse Emily (Summer Glau)

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Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8, Episode 17: “One Step Too Far.”

Mistakes. Misunderstandings. Miscues.

At the start we see an older male gay couple in a hospital room. Yang explained to the survivor that his partner was brain dead. He had signed a consent form to pull the plug. As they were pulling the plug the survivor changed his mind.


It wasn’t until later on when Yang told the living survivor his partner died in that car crash. It was no different if his physical body had been placed in a body bag. His lover’s brain was gone. He was dead. Let him go. Survivor finally signed the consent form.

Do you know how absolutely boring it is to watch Christine Yang do absolutely nothing? Oh, she spied on Owen. Checked his clothing. Checked his cell phone. Even went to the hospital and night to check the on-call rooms (place everyone has sex). Owen was in one of the call rooms, alone and sleeping.


Yang accused the night nurse Emily (played by Summer Glua from Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) of having sex with her husband. Emily denied it. She changed her shifts for her boyfriend.

(Oops.) Yang finally confronted Owen when he came home one night. He said, ‘It hurts to love you.’ Yang confessed that she had accused Emily. Owen confessed that he did not cheat on her with Emily. He cheated with someone else.


Meredith was corralled back into neurosurgery by Derek. Lexie had the surgery under control. Derek called into another OR for an emergency. Meredith watched over Lexie. The brain started bleeding.

Meredith told Lexie to open the brain a bit more to see what’s happening inside.

They both saw the tumor. Unable to reach Derrick they took the tumor out. Young girl achieved brain damage.

She lost the ability of speech. Derek took full responsibility. It was Meredith’s fault. It was Lexie’s fault for not looking at the x-rays to see best point of entry to remove tumor.


The preemie baby by Karev’s intern had complications. Needed surgery both heart and brain. Torres tried to explain to Alex that his intern was a 'smitten kitten.' Karev brushed it off.

After the surgeries for the preemie baby the intern wanted a photo of her and her baby. She gave Torres her cell phone. Asked Alex to get in the shot. He could see she had a crush on him.


The tension, the urgency, and the drama was absent during this episode. It took Bailey near 45 minutes before she uttered a single line of dialogue.

Uninteresting. Uneventful. Underwhelming.

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