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Pilot Review

The first few minutes I had to actually use closed-caption in order to understand the dialogue. Rat-a-tat-a-tat firing dialogue as Harrison explained to the new hire Quinn that they were not a traditional law firm.

They were crisis experts. Fixers. For those who can afford it. Think of a whole team of Michael Claytons.

They don’t eat, sleep or drink anything but the work. They are as Harrison called it...

'Gladiators in Suits.'

The head gladiator is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). She’s always right. She decides which clients they take on. She is Maximus in a white suit and high heels.

The first “fix” Olivia made was a $3 million drop for a package. The deal was for $6 million. Before the shady armed men could contradict, she calmly stated that in two hours homeland security would be all over their sorry asses. Olivia told them to take the money and run.

Olivia's team took the package that was in a box. Guess what was in the package. A BABY! They paid off blackmailers -- unbelievable.

This law firm does not go to court. They do not color within the lines of what normal lawyers do. They do not defend clients.


The second client a most decorated war hero whose wife was murdered. Pope took the case even though the evidence pointed against him. Discovered he did have an alibi. He met his gay lover during the time of his wife’s death.

The third crisis was an intern for the President of the United States. She claimed to have had sex with him (could have been more original than going all Lewinsky here). This is when we discover that Pope was once a fixer for the President.

We also discover Pope and President were lovers. Pope did not fix this crisis when she discovered the President had lied to her (yeah, he slept with the intern). Oh, as far as gladiators in suits go, Pope does know how to cry.

Firm now to represent the intern she had earlier decimated. Olivia Pope is going after that lying, cheating President and it’s gonna get messy.

This is one pilot that will go the distance.

Update: Scandal made the fall schedule Thursdays 10/9c on ABC.

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