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Burn Notice - Season 5, Episode 18: “Fail Safe”

As a spy, you plan for every contingency.

Michael finally passed the grade with his boss Pierce. He received his first real assignment from the C.I.A.  Job, secure a man who recruits American spies to spy against their country.

Pass the blueberry yogurt. Michael is all over this.

But there’s still this little hiccup. If Michael doesn’t do exactly what blackmailing son-of-a-biscuit Anson wants, Fiona will face life in prison. First mission for Michael, take Anson out.

He surprised Anson at the parking lot where Anson held a fake job. Fi with sniper rifle across the way took a shot at Anson. But a few convincing words from Anson had Michael spare his life.

Michael cannot risk the slightest chance Fiona won’t come out of this free and clear.

Back to the C.I.A. operation. The spy recruiter’s car on time straight into Michael’s trap. He gave his team member Ryan (Dean Cain from Superman series) the go-ahead.

Ryan floored the pedal-to-the-metal about to ram the incoming vehicle when a van got in his way. Ryan swerved. His car flipped and rolled mid-air.

Superman can still fly!

Mission failed. That’s two mission disasters. Anson gave Michael one more chance.  Burn the team along with Pierce and Anson will call it even. The newly burned spies will take over to handle Anson’s dirty little business. Fiona would be free.

Fi not having it -- 'Forget it, Michael!' Enough lives ruined. Michael tried to reassure her that he will think of something, but she’s not having it. Plan B. He handcuffed Fiona to a post in his apartment.

Back to the C.I.A. mission. New plan, take spy recruiter at the airport hanger. It’s here Michael discovered that a member of his team works for Anson. Confronted she’s gone like the wind.

Michael blew up the plane to create a diversion. Snatched and grabbed the spy recruiter. Mission completed.

Jesse destroyed Pierce’s laptop or else she’s burned along with the rest of the team. Michael rushed back to his apartment. Sam's now handcuffed to the post. Fiona left Michael a note.

No, no, no, no!

Michael floored it to the federal building. Fiona walked up the steps in front of the federal building. She’s dressed in a white cotton dress, looked like an angel (though she did kill people in an unfortunate bomb accident).

A dozen heavily armed men quickly surrounded her. She looked at a helpless Michael as she was handcuffed. Michael read her note.

As a spy, he hadn’t planned on this.
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