Revenge – Daniel goes to jail for MURDER!

Revenge - Daniel close shot of his face as he stands behind bars

TV Review

Revenge - Season 1, Episode 16: “Scandal.”

We now know who shot and killed Tyler. We also know the secret that catapulted Graysons to frame David Clark.

First the secret.

Victoria was in love with David Clark. She did not bother with the intricacies of the Grayson family business. Conrad saw the news one night. A plane downed by terrorist group. Conrad distraught. Unable to sleep. He confessed to Victoria,

‘It’s my fault.’

Victoria incredulous. ‘What are you talking about?’ Conrad confessed that he laundered money for the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for downing that plane. It was Conrad's sole fault for the tragedy.

David Clark targeted as the fall guy.

Graysons would have lost everything. Their home. Their reputation. Conrad would have gone to jail. Instead, they framed an innocent man to take the fall for dirty money laundering. Conrad and Victoria would keep paying for the cover-up until they have answered for this karma.

Now a new mess with Daniel. There would be new lies. New secrets. A new cover-up. Possible new fall guy or girl, fake Amanda. Or the mysterious hooded man (Jack). So what really happened at the beach?

Tyler had the gun pointed at Daniel. Suddenly, Daniel charged at him and took the gun away. Daniel now pointed the gun at Tyler.

But unmedicated psycho Tyler spouted a threat at Emily (stupid move, you can’t make threats if you don’t have the advantage). That was the trigger. Daniel shot Tyler in the chest.

But Tyler was still ALIVE.

There’s more.

Emily’s sensei Takeda was at the beach as well. He observed as the events unfolded. After Daniel shot Tyler Takeda picked up a rock and SMACKED Daniel on the back of the head.

That slo-mo scene of Daniel falling on the beach was not a ruse. It really did happen. Takeda then took the gun and shot Tyler twice in the back.

It was Takeda who KILLED Tyler!

However, no one knows that not even Emily. Declan discovered the blood on Jack’s hoodie. Declan now knows Jack was at the beach but doesn’t know exactly what happened. Jack thought the body he moved was Daniel. He was surprised to hear it was Tyler that died.

The judge at the hearing was not about to let a rich kid be a flight risk. Daniel denied bail. Sent to Rikers to await trial.

Takeda paid Emily and unexpected visit. Takeda and Emily’s Ku-Fued but it wasn't much of a fight. He had her pinned and told her:

‘You should have heeded my warning.’

He explained that she could not save both Daniel and Jack. Takeda also showed her the photo of the list of people she had taken out. The same photo Tyler showed Daniel that had red “X” marks on names of people Emily had set-up.

Vengeance a dangerous. You cannot lose your focus.

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