The Good Wife - I like you but I don't like you

The Good Wife - Mike faces Alicia, Kalinda sits and faces Lana

TV Review

The Good Wife - Season 3, Episode 19: “Blue Ribbon Panel.”

Blue Ribbon Panel. A new partner to replace Will. F.B.I. lesbian. What do these three have in common? All part of the day in the life of Lockhart & Associates.

Diane swamped with work asked Alicia to take her place on a blue ribbon panel presided by Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry). The panel reviewed a police investigation. Officer shot and killed a civilian.

Cop was white. Victim was black. Panel consisted of judges, a black priest and a token woman, Alica.

What should have been a cut and dry inquiry became a true investigation because of Alicia. She asked questions. Mike annoyed as were the judges. But she uncovered inconsistencies in the police officer’s testimony (you go, girl!). That irked Mike.

Then she got the panel on her side to continue with the investigation. Mike then spun doctored her questions. Lead to possible fault at the state attorney’s office, Alicia’s husband. She had to recuse herself.

Mike didn’t like Alicia.
Alicia didn’t like Mike.

On the home front the piranhas Eli, David Lee, and Julius maneuvered to dethrone Will. Chaos was crazy. Eli and Julius formed a partnership by flipping a coin. Julia won. Eli has his votes.

Not so fast Kimosabe!

Will befriended by the longest standing senior partner. He too, had nothing else to do at work but piddle, like Will. Old goat wanted a corner office. Diane and Will both agreed that the oldest standing senior partner should take Will’s seat.

Will seconded the motion. The votes were counted. Done! Piranhas go find another firm to nip at somebody’s ankles.

And finally the lesbian F.B.I. agent. Kalinda had trouble with the I.R.S. She had checks written to her from dummy corporations. One of them was by Diane. She hired Kalinda to check to see if her boyfriend was the one-woman-man type. He was not.

Kalinda explained the check was firearm training for Diane (now that was funny!)  At the I.R.S. meeting they wanted more specific information about the checks. Alicia couldn’t understand why. Kalinda observed the green light on the webcam on the laptop behind the I.R.S. guys. Who was watching?

F.B.I. agent Lana Delaney.

So now we’re getting somewhere. Lana heard through the grapevine Kalinda was being investigated by the I.R.S. Lana had a crush on Kalinda. So it’s personal more than professional.

Kalinda met Lana at the cafeteria. In her own sophisticated not-so-subtle way Kalinda baited her. Got close to her. Lana not out of the closet uncomfortable as F.B.I. colleagues at the cafeteria eyed them.

She liked Kalinda.
Kalinda didn’t like her.

Lana then turned the conversation about a gangster that Lockhart & Associates represented. Yeah, whatever. Once Kalinda leaned over too close Lana left skids marks as she tore out of that cafeteria.

So will this thing with the I.R.S. blow over? Looks that way. But I don’t think agent Lana is finished with pursuing Kalinda.

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