Don’t Trust the B----- in Apt. 23 - Funny Fun!

Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 - Chloe looks behind her and holds a key with her finger

Pilot Review

Morals of a pirate. Whore-nado! Don’t trust Chloe the b---- in Apartment 23. Slick and coy as she steamrolled every roommates for their deposits then tortured them until they moved out.

Chloe (Krysten Ritter) stated that her actions a part of the ‘great digestion system of New York City.’

June (Dreama Walker) hired by a large company moved to New York City from the Midwest. On the first day of work, chaos. It appeared the big boss embezzled money from the company. So June was stuck in New York City without a job.

She went back to her apartment which unfortunately was paid for by the company. More bad news. Building was seized. All her assets placed in a moving van.

June sat outside at a coffee shop, alone. She held her cup of coffee. Jobless and broke. Behind her was her furniture stacked up against the wall.

Super unexpected funny!

June answered an ad for a roommate. Chloe appeared per-fect! However when June about to walk into the elevator she’s warned by a neighbor -- ‘Don’t trust the b—- in Apt. 23.’ When June asked for more information the door slammed in her face. Tiny voice inside apartment quipped, ‘I’m not here.’

Cute funny!

James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek played himself. He's a friend of Chloe. He’s actually comedic. I’m not sure how long he will stay on the show but he made a solid addition.

Eli the perv neighbor lived in the building next door. His window inches away from Chloe's kitchen window. Stark reminder how close buildings are in New York City.

Chloe let it slip that she overcharged June for the rent. Pissed Midwest gal got a little bit of her own back. She sold all of Chloe’s furniture.

Game on Fun-ny!

Chloe respected that but needed her grandmother’s ottoman. Stated it had sentimental value. Once retrieved June saw Chloe retrieve herbal drugs hidden inside the ottoman. She’s not about to trust Chloe again.

June’s fiancé conducted some sort of psychological studies on a young boy. His curvy nurse part of the program. Uh, huh. Chloe figured out he was having an affair. How? She got that young boy drunk.

Chloe tried to tell June but she didn’t believe her. Do you blame June? So Chloe did what she does best. Con and seduce.

She seduced June’s fiancé. When June came home she caught them in the act of hot steamy wrestling sex. And that was the end of that relationship.

So the beotch not so cold-hearted after all. Keep in mind this is an ADULT series. Lathered with sexual jokes and innuendos. Chemistry among all of the characters worked well together from the get-go.

Did the pilot make the fall line up? Yes! Why? Because...

Everyone loves to hate a b-----.

So far, so fun-ny.

Update: Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 made the fall line up on ABC.

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