The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon dressed as a French Maid

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon dressed in French maid costume in cafeteria

TV Review

The Big Bang Theory - Season 5, Episode 21: “The Hawking Excitation.”

Sheldon Cooper has one true hero (outside of all his favorite comic book superheroes) and that’s Dr. Stephen Hawking. The most brilliant scientist on the planet. To whom Sheldon compares him as his intellectual equal (cough, cough).

Hawking made a visit to the University. Howard was asked to work on his wheel chair. You know what that meant. Sheldon would do anything and I mean ANYTHING to meet his hero.

Howard owned Sheldon.

And yes Howard took advantage. He had Sheldon polish all his belt buckles, a huge lot of them. Howard told Sheldon to clean off the spots of urine from the back splash. Say it with me--


Sheldon used turtle wax for that job. He also did Howard’s laundry. Sheldon also went dress shopping with Howard’s mother (gawd). All of this so that Hawking would read Sheldon’s latest research paper and to meet the famous scientist.

But Howard was going to make Sheldon grovel for his misdeeds. He had a French maid outfit that Bernadette was unwilling to wear (kinky, Howard). So he asked Sheldon to wear it at the University. Poor Sheldon was whipped to humiliation. 

Howard wanted Shelton to give him one compliment about his work. That Howard was good at his work. Sheldon said there was no question he was good at his work.

That pleased Howard until Sheldon said, ‘I just don’t think your work is any good in doing.’ Ouch! Hey, that was as close as a compliment as Howard was ever gonna get from Sheldon.

It was time to let Sheldon meet his hero. Howard confessed that he had given Sheldon’s research paper to Hawking three days ago. That Hawking wanted to meet Sheldon. Oh giddy, giddy!

Sheldon finally met Dr. Stephen Hawking but it was too brief in TV time for such a great buildup. Hawking liked Sheldon's paper but found a mathematical error on the second page.

Sheldon said that was impossible. When Sheldon looked through his paper. Saw the mistake. Red with embarrassment he fainted.

Hawking quipped, 'Another fainter.'

I will never look at a man’s belt buckle the same way again. I will never touch a man’s belt buckle ever again. And I will never look at a French maid’s costume without thinking of Sheldon Cooper.

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