Original Cast of 21 Jump Street – Where Are They Now?

21 Jump Street TV cast members Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson Pete, Peter Deluise, Dustin Nguyen, Steven Williams


21 Jump Street THE breakout role for Johnny Depp into super stardom.
We know what happened to Johnny, what happened to the rest of the cast?

21 Jump Street (1987-1991)
The cases of an undercover police unit composed of young looking officers able to mix in with high school and college students for investigations relating to young people.

Tagline: Too cool for school.

Johnny Depp……………...Tom Hanson (80 episodes, 1987-1990)
Holly Robinson (Peete)……Judy Hoffs (98 episodes, 1987-1991)
Peter DeLuise……………..Doug Penhall (88 episodes, 1987-1990)
Dustin Nguyen…………….Harry Truman Ioki (80 episodes, 1987-1990)
Steven Williams…………...Captain Adam Fuller (96 episodes, 1987-1991)

Johnny Depp (48)
Right after the series canceled Depp landed in his first big movie role in Edward Scissorhands. That sparked an ongoing working relationship with Tim Burton. Depp known for freakishly eccentric roles, but his most famous role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Johnny Depp currently one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

He married then divorced. Had a string of relationships. Depp has two children with French model-actress-singer Vanessa Paradis.

Holly Robinson Peete (47)
Holly costarred in various television series including Hanging with Mr. Cooper, One on One, For Your Love, Like Family, and Love Inc. She appeared in six episodes in the current hit comedy series Mike & Molly.  Holly sang the theme song to 21 Jump Street.

Holly married pro football player Rodney Pete. They have four children, one with autism. Holly and her husband founded LA-based HollyRod Foundation to help families affected by Autism.

Peter Deluise (45)
He had a recurring role in SeaQuest2032 and Stargate SG-1. Peter played minor roles in various television series. Deluise developed into a bona fide television director. He was a producer, writer, director, and creative consultant for the series Stargate SG-1 (1999-2006).

He married Gina Nemo who played a character on 21 Jump Street. He divorced and remarried to Canadian actress Anne Marie Loder. They have one child.

Dustin Nguyen (49)
He landed two series Die Gang and V.I.P. Dustin also played in minor roles in both television and film. His biggest success however after 21 Jump Street was in the role as Johnny Loh in V.I.P. (starring Pamela Anderson) in which Dustin appeared in 66 episodes.

Dustin married Angela Rockwood in 2001. That same year she was involved in a serious car accident that left her quadriplegic. He divorced her in 2011.

Steven Williams (63)
He continued his career securing roles in series such as L.A. Heat, Legacy, Linc’s, and The X Files. Steven played in many minor roles in television and in the movies. His recent recurring role on CW’s series Supernatural.

The original five stars of 21 Jump Street are all still working actors 25 years after the series canceled.

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