Once Upon a Time – Origins of the Mad Hatter

Once Upon a Time - Mad Hatter laughs as he is surrounded by hats

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Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 17: “Hat Trick.”

Evil Queen can drive a person crazy (probably everyone she’s ever met). But this time she really did drive someone insane.


He was not always the Mad Hatter, at least not the “mad” part. His name was Jefferson in Storybrooke. He had a magical hat that could transport people to other lands. Evil Queen did not possess that type of magic. So she found a way to manipulate him (which she does so well).

He had a daughter. Could not provide for her and the Evil Queen promised Jefferson’s daughter would want for nothing. Jefferson concurred. He spun his hat. It got bigger and bigger and bigger. Evil Queen and Jefferson jumped inside.

They were in Wonderland!

Queen of Hearts had taken something from the Evil Queen. It was inside a box stored in a small building. Evil Queen put a little sliver of mushroom inside the box (I guess it was magic?).


Evil Queen’s father appeared. They ran back to the entrance but there's a rule about the hat. The number of people who jump in must equal the number of people who jump out.

Poor Jefferson was stuck in Wonderland. He tried to make another magic hat but couldn’t. That’s how he became the Mad Hatter.

In Storybrooke Mary Margaret escaped from jail. Emma took off to find her before the arraignment the next day. Emma accidentally hit a man walking on the road. She took him to his house.

He drugged her!

After she woke up she discovered Mary Margaret was tied up in another room. He had kidnapped Mary Margaret. They tried to escape but he gave them no choice. This stranger was Jefferson the Mad Hatter and he had Emma’s gun.

Mary Margaret was retied to her chair. Jefferson wanted Emma to make him a hat. Here’s the rub, he REMEMBERED who he was. He knew that things changed the moment Emma arrived in Storybrooke.

He believed that if Emma made the hat it would become magical and he could return to fairytale land to be with his daughter. Emma made the hat but all the while thought the guy was a mad man!

Once she finished she gave Jefferson the hat. While he was distracted she WHACKED him with a telescope.

She untied Mary Margaret and they tried to escape. Jefferson confronted them. Mary Margaret kick-boxed Jefferson right out the window with his new hat.
The two women looked out the window. The hat was on the ground but  Jefferson was gone.

Did the hat work? Was he back in Wonderland?

Emma gave Mary Margaret the option to become fugitive. Emma said to Mary that she was the only one that ever believed in her or trusted her. Emma would return the kindness. Mary Margaret decided to stay.

Something strange happened to Emma. She asked Henry if she could read his book. Henry was pleased. Emma turned to the pages of the Mad Hatter. There inside the pages the entire story of the Mad Hatter. Emma’s eyes glint of an awakening.

The faithless was becoming a believer…

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