Glee – Saturday Night Fever

Glee - Santana, Mercedes, and Brittnay dance down corridor

TV Review

Glee - Season 3, Episode 16: “Saturday Night Glee-ver.”

This was the best episode EVER!

Show quickly opens with Blaine singing “You Should Be Dancing.” Brittany and Mike accompanied him. The whole scene down the hallway very Travoltaesque!

Will and Coach Sylvester tried to convince everyone to find their dream through the music of Saturday Night Fever. Glee members grumpy because according to them...

Disco sucks!

Coach Sylvester thought the best way to get everyone in the disco mood was to bring in her full-sized plexiglass dance floor with colored lights under the surface.

I so want that dance floor in my living room!

Assignment simple: Whichever student delivered the best Saturday Night Fever with a speech about their Hollywood dreams would win a hand-sewn replica of John Travolta’s trademark white polyester suit.

I so want a 3-piece white polyester suit!

Will and Coach Sylvester got things going with “Night Fever.” Everyone joined in on the plexiglass stands floor. Except for Quinn. She was there only for a small moment then disappeared for the rest of the show.

“Disco Inferno” powered by Mercedes and her backup vocals Santana and Brittany. Her dream was to become as big as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

She just didn’t know how to achieve that stardom.

Santana in her sexy 70s jumpsuit sang “If I Can’t Have You.” Her dream was FAME! Movies, TV, theater, problem was that she didn't have a plan.

Rachel sang “How Deep Is Your Love” to Finn. Rachel’s dream to become a Broadway star.

“Boogie Shoes” Unique & Vocal Adrenaline. Not a Glee member present so that was odd filler to the show.

Finn had a song for Rachel too. “More Than a Woman” which he sang to her. Glee couples danced together during number.

Who won the white polyester suit? Everyone!

They strutted at the end of the show singing “Staying’ Alive.” 

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