Once Upon a Time – Snow White’s Grumpy falls in Love

Once Upon a Time - Nova (Amy Acker) a Fairy kisses Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) Snow White's dwarf

TV Review

Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 14: “Dreamy.”

In fairytale land dwarfs hatch out of an egg. (Don’t ask who or what laid the eggs for I haven’t a clue.)

One particular egg accidentally sprinkled with magic fairy dust. Which dwarf was it?


Of all of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs it was Grumpy who got a little somethin’ special. He hatched first. Then the other dwarfs (including Stealthy who died in another episode).

Each dwarf given a pickax. (Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, off to work we go…) Once a dwarf took the pickax a name immediately embedded on the handle according to the true nature of the dwarf. Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Bashful, Dreamy...


Grumpy was “Dreamy” before he became Grumpy. So what happened?

First you must understand that dwarfs are not capable of love. That’s just their nature. That sprinkled of fairy dust gave Grumpy-Dreamy the ability to love. He fell in love with a fairy named Nova (she wore pink and had wings and was so darn cute!).

But Nova was clumsy. She was the one who accidentally spilled fairy dust on Dreamy’s egg. In fairytale land dwarfs mine and grind gemstones, which turn into fairy dust. Fairies collect the dust then fly up into the clouds. They sprinkled the dust throughout the land. That’s what brings joy and happiness to all humankind.


Dreamy bumped into Nova as she collected a bag of fairy dust down in the mines. Of course, she fumbled the bag. It went up a conveyor belt. Almost incinerated. Dreamy to the rescue. Her hero! (I felt like I was watching a Disney movie.)

She asked him if he would like to go see the fireflies at night. He didn’t understand she was asking him out on a date. (Sprinkle dust gave him the ability to love, not brains.)

Once he understood what she meant he met up with her. They watch the fireflies dance in this night sky. She kissed him.


They talked about going away together. He wanted to sail a boat and see the world. Nova wanted to go with him. They made plans the next day to meet. But something happened. Their true nature got in the way.

Dreamy was told by the head dwarf he needed to mine the gemstone’s. That’s what dwarfs do. Nova was told she had to sprinkle fairy dust. That’s what fairies do. They did meet but Dreamy told her that it was impossible.

Nova had told him that he could do anything. She told him to go after his dreams. She gave him a sense of hope. A sense of inspiration. But all that was shattered in the reality of who and what they were.

Dreamy left her and went back to the mines. He broke his pickax. Dreamy was handed another pick ax. The name embedded this time was “Grumpy.” Not being with the one he loved made him Grumpy.


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