The Big Bang Theory – One Flew Over The Cuoco’s Hair Cut

The Big Bang Theory - Penny's eyes bulge as she trimmed back of Sheldon's hair, huge gap of hair missing

TV Review

The Big Bang Theory - Season 5, Episode 18: “The Werewolf Transformation.”

The universe tumbled into chaos.

Why? Sheldon’s barber went to the hospital. Sheldon then was unable to get his hair cut at the regular appointed time.

The world will end but maybe just for Sheldon. The world however did topple a little for Leonard. He taught Penny (Kaley Cuoco) how to play chess. She moved her horsey and asked, ‘Is that checkmate?’ Now mind you this was her first time playing the game.

‘Give me a second.’

Face it Leonard. Penny just served you a can of whoop-ass. You got beat by the dumb blonde. You could almost hear Leonard's brain s-n-a-p. He mumbled that she got lucky. Uh, huh.

I’ll get back to Sheldon’s haircut...

Howard was space training at N.A.S.A. Think of it like Pee-Wee Herman up in space. Yeah, I don’t have much hope for Howard.

After his survival training he looked liked zombies attacked him. Via Internet video conference he had with Bernadette he mentioned there was no water, no food. But don't worry, he’s fine. Uh, huh.

Howard asked Bernadette to send him fresh underwear (ew). More than once (double ew). It will be interesting to see if he completes all the stages of space training.

Back to Sheldon’s haircut dilemma…

He went to the hospital to visit his barber. Sheldon took a pair trimming scissors (slap forehead). He stood by his unconscious barber and asked him to cut his hair. A nurse walked in and called security. You’re right nurse, Sheldon’s a nut job.

Succumbing to chaos Sheldon decided not to live by rules. He played bongos at 3am. Woke both Penny and Leonard. His reasoning that without structure he could do whatever he liked. When Leonard brought up the clauses in their roommate agreement, Sheldon shut him down.

‘Roommate agreement, ha!’

Penny and Leonard told him he could not play the Congo drums. Sheldon took his drums and played them down the stairs. Where did he go? Amy’s apartment. Sheldon fell asleep on her sofa despite her persistence that he go to bed with her. (Thwack Sheldon’s forehead.)

Penny offered to cut Sheldon’s hair. Despite the earlier quip that she had ‘skills of hill folk.’ He reluctantly agreed. He went over to Penny’s apartment. She trimmed his hair. He was content, for now.

Penny told him to be still. She needed to trim the back of his neck. Sheldon’s ticklish. Penny told him not to move. He moved. Penny’s hand moved when Sheldon’s head moved.

Holy Toledo, Batman!

Do you think Sheldon will notice?

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