Taylor Swift - Ours

Taylor Swift dressed in white sits on a blue framed bed


Taylor Swift’s song “Ours” slid into #1 on the Billboard Country Charts. “Ours” comes from Taylor’s 3rd mulit-platinum selling studio album Speak Now. She wrote the song herself.

“Ours” is currently on several Billboard charts including Top 100, Radio Songs, Digital Songs, MySpace Songs, and Canadian Hot 100.

Her music video is a live action short. It’s was fun to watch Taylor Swift work at a 9-5 job. She wore no make up. Wore drab clothing. Worked in a drab office environment.

The rat race of a boring job but Taylor found a way to make the music video interesting. There’s a nice comedic moment with the copy machine and at the water cooler.

You may not notice the little gag about the 13th floor. Because of superstition most buildings and hotels do not have a 13th floor.

While the music video lasted four minutes it didn’t feel long. When a music video is made into a quality short film, you get caught up in the action and the music.

Taylor Swift said in an interview, “I wrote the treatment for the video, which is the storyline and the details of it.”

She made sure her fans got a surprised heart-warming ending which is why the video became so popular.
Swifts single ‘Ours’ originally appeared as an exclusive bonus track for Speak Now however her fans gave such an overwhelming positive response to the song, Taylor became inclined to make a music video.

“Ours” is Taylor’s second #1 Country single along with “Sparks Fly” from her Speak Now album.

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