The Good Wife – Will dodged a Grand Jury Bullet

The Good Wife - Will stands in Grand Jury room doorway with thumb's up

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The Good Wife - Season 3, Episode 14: “Another Ham Sandwich.”

Will narrowly escaped the grand jury indictment bullet. Through some clever misdirection and misplaced trust he was free. Here’s how it went down.

Special prosecutor Wendy Scott-Carr (ambitious political climber) had enough evidence (though not obtained legally) to bring Will before the grand jury.

An interesting fact about grand juries is that the prosecutor can ask any question on any subject. The defendant cannot have a defense lawyer present (doesn’t seem fair).

Will’s lawyer zany Elsbeth Tascioni strategy was to have those who took the stand to mention Peter Florrick during their testimony. That would bring unwarranted attention back to the state attorney’s office.

Good strategy! It actually worked until Wendy focused on the McDermott case involving Judge Parker.

Do you remember that huge file Kalinda handed over to Dana at the bar? It was a trade to keep Alicia out of jail and to give the prosecution information against Will. That huge file was the McDermott case files. Wendy’s focus turned to a possible bribery between Will and Judge Parker.

Before Will took the stand he went to see Judge Parker. He handed him an envelope. The prosecutor’s private investigator just so happened to follow Will, then snapped a photo of the pass-envelope-to-judge on a cell phone camera.

When Judge Parker took the stand he plead the fifth as not to incriminate himself. It appeared Will would be indicted. It was Will’s turn to face the grand jury. Would he plead the fifth as well?

He decided to talk and boy did things change in a *Snap*Crackle*Pop!*

Wendy asked Will what was in the envelope. He said, ‘Money.’ Wendy smiled wide like she had just won the lotto. She asked what the money was for. Big mistake. Number #1 rule for lawyers – Never ask a question you do not know the answer to.

Will said it was a donation to UNICEF. Wendy stammered and stuttered. Dana then gave Wendy a couple of incriminating e-mails to tie Will to Judge Parker.

Will said that the e-mails were a fake. He reached in his briefcase to reveal the actual emails. Wendy was a train wreck. I thought she was about to birth a cow.

Kalinda gave Dana falsified documents in their trade-bribe agreement. Dana was livid. She met Kalinda out in the hallway and said, ‘You fooled me.’ Yes she did, Dana.

You thought that you could play Kalinda? I have news for you she played you like a bobble-head toy. She got Will and Alicia off the hook.

‘Go ahead and hit me if it makes you feel better.’ - Kalinda


I don’t think Dana felt better.

Wendy then called Alicia to take the stand. She asked Alicia about her affair with Will. Alicia answered truthfully but only up to a point. Alicia stood up, looked at Wendy and told her she was out of control. Wendy demanded that she sit back down or she would hold Alicia in contempt.

‘Arrest me.’ 

The grand jury was over. One juror asked why Alicia was call for questioning and why question about her sex life. Wendy lost complete control of the jurors. It was over.

Will was free.
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