The Voice – Part 1 Blind Auditions

The Voice - judge in chairs Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Sheldon

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The Voice - Season 2, Episode 1: “Blind Auditions #1.”

Sophomore year for The Voice and a much welcome change after the debacle of The X Factor. All four original judges return: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. Host Carson Daly returns in fine form as well.

If you have not seen The Voice, first are the blind auditions. The judges sit in their chairs with their backs turned toward the singer. This allows the judges to choose “voice” alone over any physical characteristics or performance by an singing contestant unlike American Idol.

If the judge likes what he or she hears, they press a button, which turns their chair around to face the singer. If more than one judge turns around then it is up to the singer to decide who will mentor them during the competition. If not one single judge turns their chair then the competition is over for that particular singer.

Shelton scored the first with singing contestant RaeLynn, a sweet 17-year-old country girl. She was bold to sing Shelton's wife’s song “Hells on Wheels.” Choice of mentors between Adam and Blake you knew she would choose Blake.

Christina will mentor Jesse Campbell and Chris Mann. Jesse (a single father with a young daughter) sang, “A Song for You.” He had a good voice but I can’t say it was a great voice. All the judges turned for him  though Shelton took his time. Christina shouted,

‘I will fight for you.’

And that was enough for Jesse. Chris a classical trained vocalist. The moment I heard that I knew he would sing opera (ugh). He sang, “Because We Believe” but I think part of it was an Italian. (How would I know, I don’t speak Italian.) Was he good? Yes. Was he great? No. Blake said he didn’t understand half of the song. Ditto.

Cee Lo won over the heart of rocker Juliet Simms. She toured since she was 16-years old. Sang in bars, clubs, wherever. You could tell she was at the end of her rope. Raspy voice she sang, “Oh Darlin.’”

She donned that classic rocker chic look. But I’m not convinced she has the “IT” factor. Adam, Cee Lo and Christina wanted her but she chose the big guy.

Adam did manage to reel in one singer to mentor, Tony Lucca who sang, “Trouble.” Adam was the first to turn his chair, then Christina. Adam reached over and pushed Cee Lo’s button. When it came time to choose a mentor Adam quipped,

‘I pushed two buttons for you.’

Tony once sang with Christina Aguilera on the New Mickey Mouse Club. That was back in the day when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were part of the show. She didn’t recognize him. But on his way off stage Tony gave her a signal, which made me think it was some sort secret Mickey Mouse sign among members.

Christina met Tony backstage. Hugged him and met his wife and child. She told Tony that Britney Spears had a crush on him back when.

It was a good kick-off to a brand-new season. The banter among the judges priceless. A show without the antics of Simon Cowell. The whining of Paula Abdul. Or the crying of Nicole Scherzinger.

Rock on!
Watch The Voice Mondays 8/7c on NBC.

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