NYC 22 - Cops on Foot Patrol

NYC 22 Cast Members all in police uniforms gather around a police car

Pilot Review

How many police shows have you seen on television? Too many. So what makes NYC 22 different than the rest? Firstly, the two executive producers, Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal.

Secondly, we follow six rookie cops on foot patrol on the streets of Manhattan. It’s refreshing no one’s driving around in a police car. Most of the action outside on the streets.

NYC 22 follows the six new rookie cops:

Jennifer ‘White House’ Perry former Marine MP stationed in Iraq.
Jayson “Jackpot” Toney former pro basketball player.
Ray “Lazarus” Harper newspaper reporter of 14 years.
Tonya Sanchez background from a crime family.
Ahmad ‘Kiterunner’ Khan Afghani native who moved to the US.
Kenny McLaren fourth generation cop.

The most famous face of course, Leelee Sobieski -- “White House.”

Their field training officer dubbed “Yoda” gave the young rookies officers orders before they were sent out on the streets:

  • Don’t get hurt
  • Don’t hurt anyone
  • Keep your mouth shut
  • And your eyes open
  • In essence just stand there

He unloads them all out of the van. Two-by-two the fresh meat sent out into the mean streets of Manhattan.

I didn’t think rookies would normally be paired with rookies. So I don’t know if that’s plausible but it makes for interesting TV. Did the rookies make mistakes? Absolutely!

Sanchez and Lazarus were held hostage.

White House, Jackpot, Kiterunner and Kenny tried to break up a gang fight. Not one of them called for backup.

Best part of the show was when White House was mouth off by a young gang banger. She stopped dead in her tracks. Turned around. Approached him. Ask him to come to her. She then quickly took his hand and immobilized him.

Listen up fuzz nuts. You treat me with respect and I won’t make your life a living hell out of here.”


NYC 22 not as gritty as Southland. Not as soap opera-y as Rookie Blue. If you’re looking for a good police drama I think Robert De Niro might just have something here.

Update: NYC 22 cancelled by CBS.

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