Top Chef Season 9 Reunion

Top Chef Season 9 chefs sit in double rows of chair for reunion

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Top Chef - Season 9, Episode 17: “Reunion.”

After 16 episodes it’s easy to forget the first chef-estants who were eliminated. It was nice to see everybody in a casual atmosphere including the judges.

Congratulations to Paul. He won $185,000, a trip to Costa Rica, and a Prius. Knowing his parents were proud of him, for what appeared to be the first time in his life, meant more to him than anything (aww).

Malibu Chris and Grayson flirt-Tweet with each other. Don’t worry gals, Malibu Chris is single and available. Small discussion of a photo of Ty’s naked butt (don’t ask). A montage of Grayson’s antics including her Girl Scout frog song (you had to be there).

Then there was the cry-fest montage, which included almost every chef. After that, a parody titled -- Mediocre Top Chef. After those long car trips it was just something Edward conceptualize. Editing team put a montage of clips with Padma’s voice over (super funny!).

Last Chance Kitchen montage where Nyesha had four consecutive wins. Beverly arrived. Not a single chef of the rejects accepted her.

Beverly said she knew she had to believe in herself and that was enough (good for her!) Beverly dethroned Nyesha and went on to win the next three consecutive challenges. That placed her in the top four.

Beverly montage. Boy, did they highlight the bully tactics of the Queen of Mean Heather and Queen of Mean Mini-Me Sarah. It was difficult to watch even for the contestants and judges. Even Tom mentioned he had never seen someone on the same team throw a teammate under the bus.

Was the Queen of Mean Heather apologetic?

Uh, no. That’s why she’s a (bleeping, bleep, bleep). Gail mentioned that Bev handled the whole thing with a lot more grace than most people would show. That really touched Beverly. Linsday did apologized to Beverly at the Whistler. Sarah’s half-baked apology came after she saw herself on television.

Beverly made peace with it. She received 90% of sympathy fan mails from the show. The audience was on her side. The hate mail went to Heather and Sarah. Heather could care less. Sarah did not want her friends and family to see her as mean. Too late for that, mini-me.

Paul and Grayson along with other Top Chef former contestants cooked for the First Lady as part of her healthful eating initiative. That was cool. Jen, Spike, Top Chef winner Richard, and Fabio were also there.

Lastly the judge’s outtakes. Padma’s a total riot!

'I’ve always had a weakness for blondes.' – Padma
'I’m not really a blonde.' – Charlize Theron
'You are where it counts.' – Padma

OMG! I love the judges on Top Chef and the contestants. However this was the season of bullies. Maybe next season will be better.

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