Pawn Stars – James Bond lights a cig with Dunhill

Pawn Stars - Dunhill clock lighter, police pedal toy car

TV Review

Pawn Stars - Season 5, Episode 11: “Help Wanted.”

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Not a profitable day at the Las Vegas pawnshop. Items bought:
  • Police Pedal Car – $65
  • Vintage Dunhill Lighter – $1,100
Seller came in with a German made 1890-1891 combination drilling rifle. This simply means it’s a shotgun and rifle, three barrels (funky looking). Bob the armor expert was not impressed when he appraised the gun.

Dents on the barrel. Cracks on the side plate. Replaced hammer. Valued at about $300-$400.

Rick passed because honestly, best anyone could do with it was to hang it on a wall. Could turn it into a curtain rod, just saying.

The police pedal car was cute. Great shape only because it was not an original. Poor seller, he thought he had a gold mine there. Rick bought it for his kids.

Another seller who thought he was going to strike it big brought in three cast iron toy banks. Johnny a vintage toy expert took a good hard look to appraise the items.


Cast iron split on sides of the banks. No trap doors on bottom of banks. No patent date stamped on bottom of banks. No wear on areas where coins dropped. No sale. Thanks, but no thanks.

Big hit of the day was a sterling silver Dunhill clock lighter. Made in Switzerland these little lighters were too expensive to own during the 1930s.

James Bond blockbuster movies such as License to Kill and Tomorrow Never Dies both had a Dunhill lighter as props for 007. Okay, that got my attention.

Problem, lighter had a huge scratch and dent on back. While the removable clock in the lighter raised its value, the dents decreased its value. Rick would not pay an outlandish amount.

Bit of trivia, a billion lighters sold in the US each year. Holy Smokes!

Last bit on the pawnshop, the night employee overpaid for items. He did well on jewelry, sucked on everything else.

The pawnshop needed extra employees for graveyard shift. Chumlee volunteered to find someone. Corey ordered to supervise.

'The blind leading the blind.' - Old Man

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