NCIS – EJ back from the Dead

NCIS - EJ (Sarah Jane Morris) dressed in black and red flannel jacket stands in foreground in kitchen, DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) in background makes a phone call

TV Review

NCIS - Season 9, Episode 12: “Housekeeping.”

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Do you remember NCIS Agent Erica Jane? She’s blonde, tough (but not as tough as Ziva) and hot. She didn’t die but left Tony for dead.

Let me back up a bit. Navy Commander shot in neck in his own car. Woman fled the scene. NCIS team went on a woman-hunt. Found the woman but not what they were expecting. Lazarus back from the dead as it were. EJ was alive.

Don’t you just love TV shows how they bring characters back from the dead. EJ was easy to explain. She wore bulletproof jacket when shot. Oh, just go with it.

EJ went off the radar since that night. She thought Tony was dead. For two days until she heard Tony lived. Uh, EJ didn’t bother to let Tony know that she was alive. Thanks, sweetheart.

EJ emerged from hiding had called the Navy Commander for help. That got him killed. She was the target. Gibbs ordered Tony to take EJ to safe house. Tony was angry. He wanted to protest, but he was stuck with EJ.

With a facial composite Abby identified shooter as an ex-Navy Seal. When Gibbs and team arrived at his apartment they found him on the street. Dead. Stabbed and thrown out the window. Who lurked in the crowd? Former US military special forces operator Stratton. Same guy who shot EJ and Tony. Same guy who killed Cade.

Time to trap the rat.

Gibbs leaked where he hid EJ (misdirected leak, not the true safe house). That leak got back to Latham (corrupt power monger) who told Stratton to disappear. Forget about EJ. Stratton missing a few splinters in that windmill in his mind stabbed Latham. Twisted a knife deep into Latham’s gut. He then stole Latham’s dog!

You really can’t trust maniac soldier.

Stratton fired a grenade launcher at the safe house. House exploded into splinters and engulfed in flames! Ziva, McGee and Gibbs closed in on Stratton. Shoot out until finally Stratton surrounded by F.B.I. agents. It’s over. EJ’s safe.

Nice little banter between Tony and EJ at the safe house. She’s one of the few characters that can actually quote movie lines. EJ did hint to Tony that Ziva did care about him.

Back at office, it’s just Tony and Ziva. Both romantically dysfunctional. That was until Ziva finally received a call from Ray. That left Tony alone, again.

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