Storage Wars – Hollywood lockers filled with Bleep!

TV Review

Storage Wars - Season 2, Episode 26: “Hooray for Holly-Weird.”

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Jarrod and Brandi reopened their newly renovated thrift store. They need inventory like bad. Next auction at North Hollywood.

NoHo units nestled next to all the Hollywood studios. Bidders hope to discover some old Hollywood star memorabilia. But what they hope for isn’t what’s in the units.

First locker crappity, crap, crap, crap-o-lah! Trash bags full of clothes. Boxes.
Nothing good in plain sight. Bid war between Dave and Barry. Fellas, there’s noth-ing there.

Say it with me, Not-A-Thing. Dave upped the bid and Barry took the bait. Bought unit for $2000. Barry, Barry, Barry, what were you thinking...

Among the midst of crappity, crap, crap Barry found an old fashion top hat. He took it for appraisal. Hat, although in good condition worth about $450. Barry bought the unit for $2k. The collector to become a selector, ha!

Second unit groans from the crowd. Unit stacked from ground up with boxes of books and more books. Jarrod and Brandi walked away. Barry not interested. This was Dave’s locker to win. He had the man power to move hundreds of books. Dave paid $900.

Last unit junk and more junk. It appeared that Hollywood had little to offer. Groans and moans one look at the unit.

'Hodgepodge of bleep.'

Brandi pegged the unit for what it was, but Jarrod didn’t listen. Bid rose to $1,200 that’s when Jarrod placed a bid at $1,250. Brandi turned to him and asked him if he just bid on that unit.

He nodded. He won.
She threw a water bottle at him.

Atta girl, Brandi.

Brandi went home. She was not about to sift through the mess inside the locker. Jarrod stayed with an employee and dug through each box and trash bag. Crap and more crap. Should have listened to your wife, Jarrod.

He recovered a few vintage license plates. Jarrod hoped to dodge a bullet but when appraised the value of the plates were at $275. Poor condition devalued the appraisal. Brandi’s livid. They just reopened their new store and they start business in the red.

Score profit card:
  • Dave – $14,000
  • Darrell – $0
  • Jarrod – loss of $975
  • Barry – loss of $1,550
Watch Storage Wars Tuesdays 8:30/7:30c on A&E.

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