Grey’s Anatomy – A Letter to Owen

Grey’s Anatomy - Owen stands in foreground, Yang in background

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Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8, Episode 19: “Support System.”

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Dear Owen,

You cheated on Yang. It’s not unforgivable nor incomprehensible. It’s what men do. You’re hardwired to disassociate emotions from intimacy. Women are hardwired to associate emotions with intimacy.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

Yang wanted you to tell her about the intimate details of your extra marital intimate encounter. Owen, you refused. You did not want to torture your faithful wife with details of your infidelity. You could not see the good that it would bring.

Owen, please understand a woman needs to know two things when a man cheats on her:




Don’t blame Yang. Her neurons and pathways are hardwired to achieve answers. “HOW” is to try to understand how would you copulate with a stranger. Could it be different than with your wife? What did the other woman do differently in bed.

Grotesque for you to discuss, I know, Owen. But a scorned woman left with her own visual on how it might have happened, equally grotesque.

Christina left you a choice. Stay, and reveal. Go, and keep your secret. Owen, you wanted to fix this. So you stayed. You tried to fix this.

You met the nameless one-night-stand at the hospital. Her friend came in badly wounded. Owen, you saved her friend’s life. You and the stranger both stranded at a bar late at night. Both of you had too many drinks. You both left the bar at the same time. Took a walk. Then the nameless blonde asked you to…

Kiss me.’

Owen, you refuted at first. Stated you were married. That didn’t matter to the drunken blonde. Apparently that didn’t matter to you, either. And then you leaned over and K-I-S-S-E-D a total stranger.

Yang wailed. It’s not the fact that you had kissed someone else. It’s the fact that you could. Yang would not be comforted and locked herself in the bathroom. Owen, you were afraid she would hurt herself.

How little do you know Christina Yang. She’s a surgeon. She’s ambitious. She’s not about to bring harm to herself over a boy. Do you not know her at all?

Yang had a little satisfaction in the HOW. Events of your two lives together unraveled. Owen, you hurt because she aborted your baby. Yang was not programmed to become a mother. Thinking that she would change her mind in the future was erroneous on your part.

That’s when it hit Yang. You wanted to hurt her back. It wasn’t about sex. It wasn’t about being lonely. It was about PAYBACK.

Well, you got what you wanted. You hurt the impenetrable Dr. Christina Yang. And what did it get you, Owen?



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